Rumour: Sonic Free Riders Coming To XBLA?

Rumour: Sonic Free Riders Coming To XBLA?

According to a report from Joystiq a new Project Natal compatible entry in the Sonic Riders series will be announced for Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade at this years E3 giving you the ability to play as your Avatar on one of the games Extreme Gears using the Natal’s motion controls. Microsoft will be holding a seperate show to their Press Conference specifically for Project Natal and it’s software so we’ll keep an eye out there for this title(if it’s real). Would you like a new entry in the Sonic Riders series? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Tirann0 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. I would only like another Riders game if they make another Kick-ass theme like “Un-Gravitify”

    That song is pure awesomeness

  2. I loved Sonic Riders. If they make it more like the first game than the second, I’m sold.

  3. Just to balance out the comments here. I love Sonic Riders.
    Although I probably will never get to play this one if it’s Microsoft platform exclusive, I’ll be happy to hear it’s still going.

  4. Sonic Riders was good, but then Zero gravity wasn’t a very significant improvement, making the series seem a bit stale to me. I would like to see a return of the Babylon Rogues, but not in another riders game.

    Also if it exclusive to XBOX I will be bitter and angry because I only buy Nintendo games.

  5. Second game, in my opinion, fixed up a lot of the problems with the first, though both are still pretty good considering I wasn’t expecting anything very special.

    Though, come ooooooooooooooon. ;_; XBLA only? That’s no fair!

  6. A little preemptive on the whole NATAL thing, but if it’ll turn out as good as some hope, then why not?
    Sonic’s always on the scene to demonstrate how new hardware works

  7. Iv Herd of Sonic Riders 3 its
    It’s Supposed to be
    Sonic Riders Fire Winds
    I Would Love another Sonic Riders

  8. If it can right the wrongs caused by Zero Gravity, then count me in; I hope to gosh that it’s just a straight, plain arcade racer…

    If so: ^_^

    If not: >_<

  9. Great! The first Riders is my all time favorite racing game! However, I hope it is nothing like the second. That is the *worst* Sonic game I’ve ever played.

  10. As long as it doesn’t have that stupid air system in the original Sonic Riders then fine. Zero Gravity was so much better despite what these stupid reviewers say.

  11. @ Hudson

    If you take the time to notice how broken the controls are, and also notice how you have to slow down to hit some hard turns, and that their is no way to boost, you would probably think otherwise.

  12. Hells yeah I can’t wait I hope its real and its number 3 I loved the sonic riders series 🙂

  13. @Edge: That’s strange because the game was super easy for me to control. That last boss was hell though I’ll admit.

  14. I would love a new entry in the Sonic Riders series, as I enjoyed both games. But Sonic Free Riders may be just a re-release of the first game with a new control gimmick (Project Natal), kind of like how Nintendo re-released some of their Gamecube titles to the Wii through their “New Play Control” line.

  15. Werehog for Sonic Riders! It’ll ease the promise they made a while back without irritating a lot of people. Huh, huh?! *wink wink*

  16. @Edge: The very first video game I ever played was Mario Kart 64, so I guess I’m kind of used to them.

  17. @ Edge:
    Did you really learned the controls for ZG?
    The gravity control both had a boost (R with the GC controller) and the “drift” of this game (B with the GC controller).
    If you never heard of those, do the tutorial.

  18. Do want. Though I would hope it would explain what system they’re using now that the Arks of the Cosmos are gone, and thus no Gravity Control stuff, they’ll probably go back to Air, Boosting, and Turbulence.. Also, only complaint I’ve really had is that they need to explain how on EARTH Babylonian Genie Bird Bandits who originally came from SPACE on the historical “Babylon Garden” which was ACTUALLY a mobile space station powered by gravity-controlling, blackhole generating bracelets makes any sense. xD

  19. @To everybody talking about Zero Gravity being rubbish:

    You all played the Wii version, didn’t you. I meant the PS2 version.

  20. noooo! This is the ONLY thing I will bitch about, keep Sonic Riders away from us!!! NOW!

  21. @knuxtaben

    its not like you are not forced to buy or download it.


    never found any control issues with riders zero gravity but thought i couldn’t get the fun part in the game yet , it was too hard and a little confusing that it i haven’t had the fun part yet (i only barley finished the first 2 stages) but i will try it out later.

    you can use the game cube controller by the way.

    any ways i think its just another sonic riders but without a story mode by any means its sonic riders 3 without a story line meaning its an online riders game for 360 using natal.

  22. Sonic Riders was amazing. It’s as fun to play as SaSAR, especially when you know how to reach the shortcuts. A lot of people moaned because they couldn’t use the trick system which is why the game gets negative comments.

    Zero Gravity felt a bit stale compared to the original. I can’t really recall but I think it lacked colour.

  23. Not a surprise that Sega is making a Sonic title compatible with the Natal controls. I’m rather interest about how Sonic Riders will play out in XBLA.

  24. bah, I never really liked Sonic riders. Zero Gravity was a bit better but still not great. If they do make this a remake thats fine by me.

  25. Never played Zero Gravity, but Sonic Riders was fucking difficult. I still haven’t beaten Sand Ruins after about a thousand attempts. If there is a new Sonic Riders title, let’s hope it’s a tad easier.

    And Josh…how did you get that circle next to your name?

  26. @ Eggman123

    I know what your talking about but the closest thing you got to boost in that game sucked.

    @ Umiyuri

    I played all 3 play styles on the Wii. The Gamecube controller was the funnest. If you play with that, it really makes no difference between the Wii and PS2 gameplay wise. It wasn’t just the gameplay though, it was the story. The Babylon Rogues acted so out of character. They werent as funny as they were in the first game! Also, the graphics were bad enough in the first game, but it’s even worse here! There were a few fun stages but the game wasn’t anywhere near as good as the first Riders.

  27. Oh yes please, I loved the original, not so much Zero Gravity because they took out all the great stuff.
    Should be good on the XBOX i think =D

  28. @F1Krazy: SAY WHA!?

    My 5 year old nephew can beat the story mode, and beat almost all the missions with silver medal, I 100%’d that game in 3 days, and I’m not a gaming god or something, heck, I can’t even 100% Sonic Adventure. D:

    Having said that, I loved the first riders mostly for the awesome multiplayer fun I had with it (playing with my friends and family), but ti seems like this series lacks some consistence, Zero Gravity made some radical changes that pulled some people off, but at the same time, it attracted some new players (the ones who hated the air system).

    This one being for Wave (the new NATAL name, funny right?) doesn’t seems to be an exception, I think it will attrack the lovers of these new “gimmick”, but it seems it will put off a lot of fans of the previous games.

    Anyways, I will expect to see tthis confirmed, before making assumptions, not that I plan to buy it since I don’t have a 360 anyways. 😛

  29. Sonic Riders was an OK game. I didn’t like ZG though it was tolerable if you played it with the Classic or GCN controller. But anything related to Natal I could care less.

  30. If theyre gonna make a sonic riders 3, it better be on the wii too >: I’d love a sonic riders 3. The worlds the race in are badass. > > I wonder why no one likes ZG xD I loved it.

  31. @Edge:

    Okay, thanks for detailing! ^-^ It’s nice that at least somebody wants to explain why they didn’t like it instead of just saying ‘no’. 😐

  32. @Edge: I will admit the graphics weren’t as colorful as the first game, but they’re still alright.

  33. Sonic Riders on Project Natel? Not intrested, seriously if this rumor is true then expect alot hate on Youtube!

  34. @ Umiyuri

    No problem!

    @ Lunar_Sonic96

    If there is a Riders 3, I want it on PS3 and 360, I don’t want the Wii holding this game back, unless SEGA did what they did with Unleashed and released the real version on the HD consoles. And not so many people liked it because of the controls and story.

    @ Imarafan

    Where did you hear that it was called Wave? I looked it up and it seems that Microsoft Wave is just a M$ UK Website, not a 360 attachment…

  35. Why Project Natal? Riders 3 would feel far more natural using a Wii Balance Board. >_>

  36. Agreed with BBB3210. Besides, the only (arguably) good game series on the Xbox is Halo. I’d prefer Sonic Riders 3 on Wii and PS3 to 360 any day.

    Emphasis on “arguably”.

  37. First Sonic 4, then Sonic Colours now this! What next Sonic Heroes 2 (I do not hate Sonic Heroes)? Sega sure are busy.

  38. @ SSV:

    You’re stepping into dangerous territory saying something ignorant like that.

    As for “Sonic Free Riders”, not really looking forward to it. Reason being, I can understand how movement will be implemented but how about items, boosting, drifting, etc. unless this is going to be a simple novelty racing game.

  39. @RGX

    How is what he said ignorant? It’s his opinion. If he thinks most every series exclusive to Xbox is crap, then so be it.

  40. I like the Riders series, so this is great news for me. Hopefully, Natal controls are optional, because I don’t feel like dropping $150 on a special camera just to play one game.

  41. Awesome! I’ve been wondering when they were going to make another Rider’s. Gonna get it the day it come’s out, and remember people it only says it’s COMPATIBLE with Natal errr… Wave, just like Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games you had the ability to use the Wii Balance Board. So i’m pretty sure that it’s completely OPTIONAL.

  42. If they also release it on WiiWare, I’ll be happy, otherwise I’m opposed to it.

  43. Yes for wiiware, cuz I got a Wii, but no Xbox 360. My friend has an Xbox 360, but I don’t think he’ll be willing to cash in 150 bucks for a stupid camera, so yeah, hope it’s optional.

  44. I’d like a 3rd installment, but not a download exclusive, let alone XBox Live Exclusive…

  45. Hey guys! Its just announced at E3! How do i know this? Im watching E3 Online at the moment.

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