Sonic Colours: UK Retailers Begin Varied Release Date Speculation

Sonic Colours: UK Retailers Begin Varied Release Date Speculation

With Sonic Colours announced comes the inevitable online retailer listings providing varied release date speculation. The official word from SEGA is Late 2010 which normally indicates a November-December launch but the below retailers disagree, here’s the list of dates and prices –

26th November 2010
Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

24th September 2010
Wii: £30.99
DS: £25.99

29th October 2010
Wii: £29.99
DS: £24.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

WH Smith
Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Wii: £39.99
DS: £29.99

Quite the difference between dates huh? All three retailers are now taking pre-orders if you’re interested but with more listings to come a cheaper deal might pop up and not to mention we’ve barely seen anything of the game yet. We’ll keep an eye out for more UK retailer listings and the eventual U.S. listings but for now take these dates with a pinch of salt until official word is divulged.

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  1. Huh? Late 2010? How wise is that when they’ve got a Sonic game due for release then? It’s a little known title called Sonic 4.

  2. Probably to tide over those who are unable to get their consoles online (which is actually quite a suprisingly large percentage of people). The demographic target that Sonic 4 appears to suggest for are for the people who used to play the Genesis titles 14-18 years ago, hence the download/gadget target, the realisation that it has a LOT to live up to, and actually listening to a couple of responsives from fans and press who still hold the Genesis titles very close to heart; Colours would suggest a younger demographic. At least of what we’ve seen thus far.

    This all seems… rather early, actually. I honestly would have thought November-December personally. Time will only tell!

  3. if it is 24th sept thats great my birthday is the next day, buh its most likey october, november but im sick of sonics being relased in november

  4. i cant wait for this game it looks so good. am i the only one that cant stop watching the teaset trailer?

  5. Honestly, I think I’m going to love both games. I can’t stop watching the teaser trailer either…

    True Sonic Fan out. =P

  6. Does seem pretty close to Sonic 4. I have a feeling colors will be postponed until 2011. Just my prediction due to years of VG experience. Live and Learn.

  7. I only quit watching the teaser to start watching Strong Bad and learn the teaser’s song.

  8. I dont think colors/colours will be a good game compare to the epicness that is sonic 4

  9. Not November?
    Strange, but maybe they planned it to release it between ep. 1 and 2.

  10. I hope they don’t rush this out for christmas. Sega, re-gaining the fans and restoring the sonic name is more important than christmas sales.

  11. LolWut!?

    I didn’t think their online service would get started so quickly…

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