Want Sony Characters In ASR PS3? Place Your Vote!

Want Sony Characters In ASR PS3? Place Your Vote!

The team at the Official U.S. PlayStation Blog have set up a new feature simply called PlayStation Blog Share where users can set up suggestion polls to get their idea’s out there for consideration and get a clear idea of how high or low demand is for said suggestion with a positive and negative vote system.

Casanova at the SSMB has set up a suggestion poll there for Sony exclusive characters for DLC in Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing PS3. If you are interested you can place your vote here.

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  1. I’d like to see Sackboy. It seems like a fair enough trade for the Sonic costumes in LBP.

    I don’t own the PS3 version, but I’d at least like to see what his car would look like.

  2. Crash Bandicoot, because he got a Kart in some games:D and he will represent the mascot of Sony

  3. Cheers guys, keep voting… may not get anywhere, but can but try as they say… Can but try! CAN BUT TRY!

    *Plays the Karate Kid Theme*

  4. Id much rather have Jak & Daxter would be perfect, besides crash bandicoot isnt exclusive to playstation and kinda sucks now.

  5. Why do i have the funnny image of kratos’s all star move if he was to be a DLC in this…

  6. @chazer127
    Somehow i think beheading other racers wouldn’t be in the spirit of the game =P

    If they we’re to include someone my money would be on Nathan Drake, Sackboy or Ratchet.

  7. I haven’t played a playstation since 1996, so the only characters I can think of are Parappa the rapper, Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft. My vote would be for Parappa.

  8. @ Nameless and sonictoast
    Crash and Lara aren’t PlayStation exclusive characters anymore, Crash is owned by Activision now and Lara by Square Enix.

  9. Jak and Daxter or Ratchet or Clank.
    Jak’s all-star move….. Dark Jak! Yep that would be awesome.

  10. This won’t happen. I have a feeling the reason they denied them in the first place is because they would be creating direct competition with Sony’s upcoming first-party racer: ModNation Racers. Which, you may have heard, just had Sony characters announced as preorder incentives: Kratos, Drake, and Ratchet & Clank.

  11. “Jak’s filling up with Dark Eco, and he’s going All-Star!!”

    And Jak’s Vehicle would look like it came directly from Jak X Combat Racing!

  12. Too bad I already bought the game on 360 for Banjo & Kazooie. However, I would consider Ratchet & Clank for DLC!

  13. @Bob Sora’s not a Sony character; [i]Kingdom Hearts[/i] has also been on Nintendo systems.

    But I’d love to see the Keyblade Riders. 🙂

  14. Oh dear. Sony DOESN’T want their characters as DLC in Sega’s game yet they wanted Sega’s permission to use their character’s concepts as DLC in THEIR game? I am currently having mixed feelings about this.

  15. In order for Sora to be DLC, they’d have to make the Sonic World of Mobius into a Kingdom Hearts World in the Sequel! I mean, it would require for Sora, Donald and Goofy to change into Sonic World Versions of themselves – Sora would have to be a Hedgehog, I think, only to end up with a run-in with Amy who’d just run at the first random hedgehog that she sees as Sonic!

  16. I may have an idea (“if” possible) to add vehicle and stage from WipEout 2097/WipEout HD Fury (with weapons)(it maybe incorrect because it is a voting additional character, but I say metal sonic should be added, but I very like Wipeout 2097 so it should be an addition vehicle and stage from Wipeout 2097/Wipeout HD Fury with deadly weapons) and add character: Metal Sonic (from Sonic CD)

  17. All the character from Wipeout Fusion should be in it with all Wipeout 2097 with all stage, team and ships
    All-Stars Moves will be ??? (maybe upgrade to HD Fury Mode or Super Weapons)


    The Prince of all Cosmos from Katamari series All-Stars Moves will be Katamari

  18. Crash. I don’t have any Sony platforms but I’ve seen walkthroughs on youtube and I realy liked what I saw.
    P.S. He should use race craft from Ratchet 2 for his vehicle and some use of clank for the allstar move…

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