New Jazwares Figures At Forbidden Planet

New Jazwares Figures At Forbidden Planet

Emerald Coast owner, SSR DJ and all around cool guy Vger reports that UK collectibles retailer Forbidden Planet are now stocking three characters namely Sonic, Tails and S&TBK Sonic from a range of new figures priced at just £4.99. The back of the packaging informs that more are on the way but no information as to who or what they are. We’ll keep an eye out for them and report back here.

Meanwhile if you’d like a closer look at the three figures currently available head over to Emerald Coast.

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  1. Now THOSE look AWESOME!

    And that doesn’t seem to pricey… (around 10 USD, right?)

  2. @ Baking Blue Poatoe
    Sounds about right. I can’t find them on their website though.

    If you can’t find them in stores or online in the U.S. you’ll have to see if they pop up on eBay or if you have a friend in the UK you could ask them to get the figures and pay them back. Maybe even Vger could get them for you then sell them to you.

  3. Right, we have a Forbidden planet in Liverpool. Never been in there, like, because they’ve got Chucky dolls in there and those things make me soil myself. But, my bro got the Sonic and the Black knight figure from there for Christmas, and he’s now getting silver.

  4. Just remember that they sell these three inch figures at Toys R Us in the US for $5.

    So before anyone tries eBay, remember they are extremely pricey when bought online. Try to find them at a Toys R Us first. Also I heard that FYE was starting to sell these as well, not 100% sure though.

  5. They seem to be selling well to, I was in my local store yesterday and there were only 2 Sonics and 2 Black Knight Sonics left, Tails has completely gone and clearly the majority of Sonic had gone to.

    Those numbers also dropped to only 1 of each left once I had left the store though 😛 I’ll go back for Tails another day.

  6. I have’nt bought any of those, if I do I’ll prolly just get the classic trio, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles.

  7. Those have been there since last weekend. I bought a Sonic one when I saw them, and then I bought Tails yesterday. The only ones they had in my local store where the two I just mentioned and the S&tBK Sonic.

  8. @ Jix Hedgehog

    Try Toys R Us. They are exclusive to there. For now at least. Some people say they are selling at FYE, but I’m not sure. But I can 100% guarantee that they are Toys R Us, as I have a collection of them (:

  9. @ GoombaKing

    Ya, I went to my local yesterday, they had the new comic pack but no individual figures.
    Drove to the second closets today, none either 😛 I did however pick up the larger Sonic + Racer toy (last one there)
    Guess I missed out, I thought for sure there would be an abundance of them like Werehog, giant Metal Sonic etc
    Appreciate the heads up 🙂 What state are you in?

  10. @Jix Hedgehog

    I’m in Florida 🙂 And they had the comic pack with mini-Metal Sonic? Darn! I want that! They haven’t released Metal by himself yet, except for the big one.

  11. @ GoombaRing

    Sorry, I called you GoombaKing before ._.
    Yeah, I’m on the other side in Cali, yeah, they have the double pack, he’ll most likely get a single release, Jazwares love Metal as much as we do 🙂

  12. Just a note guys – depending on which chain of FP you go to, they are either £4.99 or £5.99. My local only had Black Knight Sonics in. Newcastle FP is now sold out btw… :3

  13. @Jix Hedgehog

    lol it’s okay you called me GoombaKing, I actually think I made the same mistake once lol It’s a great thing they love Metal! He’s my favorite character and I’m glad to have two of the 10 inch guys xD And my Toys R Us is slow to get anything, it’s been four months since Silver, Shadow, and 3in Werehog got released, and they STILL don’t have them. The only reason they got the racing figures in stock is because they had that promotion going on. Sad D:

    @Ben (aka Rio)

    Yeah Silver and Shadow got released months ago, not sure if you’re in the UK or not, but I know they came out in the US quite a while back.

  14. Just got back from FP in Middlesbrough. I got the small Sonic, Tails, SATBK and the larger SATBK for a fair £24.

    There were only around 3 of each on display. There might have been more hidden away but I couldn’t say.

    Small figures £4.99
    Large SATBK £9.99

  15. @sonicperry

    I want (need) that. That site does Sonic belt buckles and Knuckles wallets too. Thanks for the heads up.

  16. I went to the forbidden planet and worlds apart in liverpool they had sonic, tails and black knight donic in the 3.75 inch and the 5 inch black knight sonic

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