IGN Previews Sonic 4

IGN Previews Sonic 4

Busy day for Sonic 4 news today, first GamesRadar post up a Q&A after getting a look at the game and now we have a preview from IGN who also got to check out the early stages of the game. IGN say some kind words about the game and even think it’s better than the original classics. The homing attack’s presence that alot of fans are worried about is also given alot of praise saying that it’s been worked well into a 2D space and is an invaluable tool to chain enemies together in order to maintain speed.

Those who claim IGN are IGNorant to Sonic may want to think again after reading this Sonic 4 preview.

Thanks to Doctor Eggman at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. it’ll be fine, i have no idea why everybody moans about the homing attack, if fans can do it right in Sonic megamix then it can be done right by sega

  2. I’m not a huge IGN fan, not because of Sonic but because they are usually pretty soft on games, typical of many gaming websites. This actually includes Sonic, they are quite soft on the blue blur.

    I usually just go on IGN to check videos and news; not to say their reviews aren’t well written but I can often smell a sell out.

  3. Obviously, none of you are aware of the fact that they gave Sonic Pocket Adventure a rare 10.

  4. @Lunar_Sonic Yeah, and those glitches and flaws that the game had weren’t supposed to be there anyway since it’s an unfinished game.

    Anyway, if IGN says it’s good than that can’t be a bad thing since they practically shit on all of the 3D games for no good reason *cough* Sonic Unleashed *cough*

  5. Beast1 & BlueChaos: I think it’s because of smoother level transition, (no annoying medal hunting.) a more manageble difficulty level, and more bearable Werehog stages. (Motion controls make everything better.)

  6. Wii version had more bearable Werehog stages!?

    Shut the fuck up and Get the fuck out!

    Wii version’s stages last a good 2 or 3 times as long as PS360’s, plus the Wii’s controls are always shitty unless the Gamecube or Classic controller are involved. To hell with motion controls.

    The Wii version is bad and you should feel bad for liking it.

    /close-minded yet truthful rage

  7. Wave Kusanagi: Charming.

    Look pal, I HAVE to play the Wii version. I’ve only got a Wii. (Room in my bedroom is too tight for a 360 or PS3.)

    Besides, those weren’t my words. They were the words of IGN.

  8. “Besides, those weren’t my words. They were the words of IGN.”

    *facepalm* …I’ll never understand these people who can’t speak their own words and thoughts anymore. -.o’

  9. Well if IGN sad it’s good then I was right all along! This game will be terrible! They only like all the games I hate!

  10. Wave Kusanagi: That’s because when someone voices their own thoughts and opinions around here, they tend to get laughed at/threatened/insulted/forced into someone elses opinion/sent death threats.

  11. @TheHumbleFellow Well, I did manage the medal hunting okay, and the Werehog stages were alright for me too, bar one or two maybe. But the 360 version has amazing day stages with the Hedgehog Engine

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