GamesRadar’s Sonic 4 Q&A

GamesRadar’s Sonic 4 Q&A

GamesRadar’s Justin Towell has recently got to have a look at Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, the first 3 levels to be exact and so asked the public to submit some questions about the game via their Twitter and Facebook. Today Justin has posted up 4 pages worth of the questions and his answers for your viewing pleasure.

Check them all out over at GamesRadar.

Thanks to Tornado over at the SSMB for the heads-up!

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  1. wow, so many negative, snot-nosed questions. But Justin seemed to take them well. it is a little irritating, how ill-mannered, rude and impertinent some people are on the internet.

  2. OMG They left us some info!!! Dont you guys see it? One guy said “The iPhone Version” So that’s what the secret on the website is! The iPhone!!!

  3. Wow, a very stupid bunch of immature retro fanboy induced questions: ‘Does it suck?’ and ‘Why has it taken so long for Sega to realise 3D Sonic sucks HURR?’
    I just facepalmed so much at the sheer ignorant and dimwitted people who posted these questions. The guy answering them sure knew how to handle them though, fair play to him.

  4. Have half the people on GamesRadar heard of manners? I can’t believe how well Justin took those questions! By far one of the most anti-Sonic websites out there. Sheesh!

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