Gamespot Preview Sonic 4

Gamespot Preview Sonic 4

Yet another Sonic 4 preview has hit the net, this time from Gamespot who seem to be more concerned about the game than IGN and GamesRadar. Gamespot seem to think the game will strike a chord with classic fans but are worried about how the controls will work seeing as their preview was eyes-on rather than hands-on.

An interesting part of the preview is the details regarding special stages where we find out the giant ring that requires 50 rings to enter the special stage at the end of an act is returning. Also revealed is that the Sonic 1 type maze special stages will contain barriers in them that only open when you have the required amount of rings.

If you reach the end of these levels with more than 50 rings collected, you have the opportunity to jump into a giant ring that takes you to a bonus level. These levels are similar to those found in the original Sonic the Hedgehog in that you have to guide Sonic through a rotating maze. The interesting thing here is that in the Wii and PS3 versions of the game, you can use the Wii Remote or the Sixaxis controller to rotate the level manually to guide Sonic through (the 360 version will just use the analog sticks). There are barriers in the maze, but these can be unlocked by collecting a specific number of rings.

Check out the full preview with a few new screenshots over at Gamespots website.

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  1. Sounds promising, except for this part:

    “Sega tells us that most of the boss battles in the game will have similar variations on familiar confrontations with Eggman.”

    I’m hoping that just refers to the first episode and not all 3. I’d rather have brand new boss fights than old ones with new tricks on their sleeves.

  2. Demo Please!! Glad Its a DL game, it’ll only cost 10 Bucks. I KNOW i’m gonna buy it!

  3. At least Gamespot stays realistic and remains a cool head in this and isn´t as carefree and hyped a GamesRadar and IGN! I´ll remain cautious about this Game until it´s released and proves itself to be worthy of picking up!

  4. “Gamespot seem to think the game will strike a chord with classic fans rather than please them”

    I hope you people realize that “strike a cord” is generally a good thing.

    “With that, our demo ended, and while we can plainly see that Sonic 4 will strike a chord with fans of the classic game, we’re left wondering how well it’ll control.”

    Yeah, their only concern is that the controls might not be good. I saw that same concern on GamesRadar and IGN.

  5. Then I must´ve skipped a line… I couldn´t find something in at least IGN´s Preview, except for the last bit where they stated that it could still end up being not as good as it looks or something along those lines! :/ Might have to read them again later to be fully sure!

  6. Was it not in IGN’s? Maybe I’m the mistaken one, it was almost four in the morning when I posted it after all. XD

  7. @ XD375
    Fixed. Thanks for that, not really a term I’m familiar with myself. Me and my wife have a good laugh when it comes to phrases, every now and then I’ll use one she’s never heard of and vice versa leaving eachother quite puzzled. XD

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