Sonic 4 Website Update

Sonic 4 Website Update

The official Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 website has updated with Buzzers full in-game animation and a brief description. No mention of any new actions or features like some of the other badniks.

Four new screenshots of Splash Hill Zone have also been added to the Screens section showcasing more of Act 3 in which the level is played at sunset. The extra life item box is seen in one of the screens which like the ones in the classics contains Sonic’s head on the screen. Also seen in the new screens is badnik Newtron in which he looks to have a new jumping action to avoid Sonic’s spin attack, either that or he’s just about to change into his rocket form.

The next badnik has a timer of 2 weeks until it is revealed, could we have seen the last of the Splash Hill badniks? Could we be seeing the next zone soon? As usual we’ll keep an eye out for new info and media.

Head over to the site to check it all out.

Thanks to Doctor Eggman at the SSMB for the Buzzer pic grab!

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  1. Weird how you guys get this update 10 mins. early. I was hoping for a video of SHZ though.

  2. @ Kirboy
    Uploaded them to the article now, managed to find some downloadable copies of them at SEGA of America’s Flickr.

  3. @ wILL AND mATT

    BuzzBomber was in Sonic 1 (and the SatAM pilot, comic series, anime etc.) Buzzer is the similar Badnik from Sonic 2. They serve the same function, but their appearance is very different. I think Buzzbomber was faster than Buzzer too.

  4. Yeah plus the dif between them is that…

    Buzzer appeared in Sonic 2 and he was yellow with a more

    BuzzBomber appeared in Sonic 1 and he was blue with that cool retro look. Oddly in SatAM he looks like Buzzer with a more hornet style.

  5. You know that the Eggman under the ‘Featured’ character section’s been revealed on the site too today right?

  6. Ahh, geez… He looks adorable.

    How the hell am I supposed to spindash that thing while staring it in its mechanical eye?

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