You Were Too Slow For This Sonic Top

You Were Too Slow For This Sonic Top

Ellie is faster than you.

Oh yes you were, and you’re looking at this awesome custom Sonic tops new owner. You remember it, don’t you? It was the one I brought to your attention at the back end of December, made by Poppy from Poppy’s Wicked Garden on Etsy. A few girls were interested but it was TSS reader Ellie who got a hold of it at the speed of Sonic himself. Unfortunately the top didn’t get to Ellie at the same speed but it was more then welcome when it did. So there we go, Ellie is faster than you!

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  1. awesome top! shame about the small minded nobs commenting, surprising anyone would want to share here with that kind of warm hearted reaction.

  2. Ellie looks a lot like and shares the same name as someone I extremely dislike. Not saying it’s the same person. As there are MANY people in the world. But she also happened to be somewhat of a Sonic fan as well. I by no means intend to insult you Ellie. (Unless you’re that person you resemble) but if you never lived in Pierre Part then you have nothing to fear. Just brought up some bad memories of a cruel deceitful liar.

    Yes, I know. “Bitter much?” lol
    But you can’t blame me for what this person did. =/

  3. Nah. It couldn’t be the same person. Typing is too different. The person I know could never capitalize, spell correctly, or use proper grammar. My mistake.

  4. All I can say is I’m dissapointed in a few of the negative comments and that I think she looks lovely in the top. Screw the haters Ellie, you’re in a front page story on the Stadium and they aren’t.

  5. Thank you Paul. ^^ You’re the best. I have to say I was a little surprised to get so much negative comments just because I’m not putting on a huge grin, but I’m not going to let something like that worry me. I feel honoured to have my picture put on this site of all sites, and in my shiny new Sonic top, my sister-in-law said I should have worn the hat to go with it. So thank you again Paul, for putting the post up.
    And BlazeFaia, I’m definatly a different Ellie, I’m not a meanie, but sorry to hear you had a bad experience.

  6. Stylish, specially for a Sonic top.
    And KidReny! bit nasty there! Noone actually looks like those plastic people you see in magazines today! And since when was one photo a good way to judge someone. I’m not photogenic either.

  7. rolf get over it guys its the internet and not seasme street…….did i spell it right…..oh well but people will always be rude. sometimes you have to put up with it and slap em when you seem em. but just laugh it off cause really its simply electronically typed letters.

  8. I am SO envious, Ellie! I think it fits you perfectly. ♥

    And seriously guys, what is wrong with you? Would you prefer it if the staff photoshopped some super model’s face on there or what kind of point are you trying to make? Honestly, you have no right to criticize someone because they got the ‘wrong’ kind of face, smile too little OR resemblance someone who hurt you bad (although I’m sorry to hear about that, but it’s got nothing to do with Ellie).
    Whatever reason you THINK you might have, just don’t. I bet you wouldn’t appreciate it if you were the one getting your face bashed by idiots on Sonic Stadium’s front page because of lightning or whatever. You’re just making fools out of yourselves. >=(

  9. So many negative comments? I only saw about 2 above, unless there’s another page I entirely missed. If you’re cluttering my comments with the rest then you’re sadly mistaken. What would a guy like me want with a Sonic top? And why would I care about someone not smiling in a picture? I never smile in pictures.

    What struck me was her resemblance to one person that had a strong negative impact in my life. But I corrected myself when I realized that they’re not the same person due to typing styles. It has nothing to do with the top nor her not smiling or anything of the sort. Just struck a nerve is all. Nothing she’s to blame for. But I’d love to lead you in the right direction of who to blame, however, not even I have the heart to give out the e-mail of she-who-must-not-be-named like that.

    I apologize if I made a scene in here. Congratulations on winning the top, and as I’ve stated before. My aimless ramblings aren’t your fault. If anything you could call me a lingering sentiment of the internetz holding a strong grudge.

    lol I sound like an obsessed insane person now. Meh, it’s the internet anyways. First impressions are usually what someone see’s in a person and that’s hard to change so all I can say is that I speak my mind and apologize if I feel I upset someone, and just resembling someone I dislike doesn’t mean I’m going to hate that person automatically. Because no two people are the same.

    I merely ask that you do not group me with those fools on top who insulted her for not smiling and that single one who insulted her face. That was uncalled for and untrue.

  10. @ ellie
    I wasnt trying to be negative I promise, sorry if I offended you and you look great in the top. Some of the other comments I agree are well out of line.

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