Sonic 4 Website Unlocks Multimedia & Concept Art

Sonic 4 Website Unlocks Multimedia & Concept Art


The latest Sonic 4 website countdown reached zero at 7pm GMT tonight and unlike some of the previous unlocks this one actually had content behind it. Firstly the website now sports a “Wallpapers” option under the Multimedia section where you can download a wallpaper (funnily enough) with the Sonic 4 logo in one of three sizes. Secondly the site yielded more concept art, this time of various stylised greenery in the shape of bushes and such. Both items can be seen on the official Sonic 4 Website.

So with two more items unlocked, as seems to be the way with everything on the site, two more countdowns have begun. Thats right, we’re now waiting for  more concept art and our second Badnik model, both of which are due to be unlocked at 7pm GMT next Thursday. What do you think we’ll see? Answers in the comments section below!

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  1. Figures if would be wallpaper, wish I could see it none the less. I get the same thing as last week. The wallpaper fills up with a blank blue area and the concept art is still half locked. Tries to unlock but there isn’t anything there.

  2. Is there a reason they’re showing us stuff we’ve seen in gameplay? And a wallpaper we could have print-screened ourselves from a hi-def version of the trailer? Its like saying “Here’s last night’s mashed potatoes. I salted them.”

    Sega is just BAD at getting its fans excited for their games.

  3. damn it! sure plants are cool but i need something important like sonic’s true running animation or a little bit more gameplay.
    this reminds me of the brawl dojo page, every day some more info but only a little.

  4. what cheeses me about the site is how they’re using borrowed sound effects from SA2… can’t they think of something a bit more new?

  5. The video that was leaked a few days ago had more information then sega provided us in like 6 months! Just wait for leaks don’t waste your time with this countdown stuff!

  6. Yeah, on those of you that don’t know) there was about 1 minute of gameplay of sonic 4- showing Sonic’s real running animation and a person who sucks at playing it.

  7. @ Skyblaze: I’ve actually quite liked the SFK they’ve been using since Sonic Adventure (and to a certain extent, Sonic Adventure) to be honest they’re now used so consistantly they’re pretty much getting to be as iconic as the ring noise (which I can still pick up from at least 600 yards away, go figure). IMO, anyway.

    Ghost Sonics~ XD. Scale of plants to Sonic’s height! (Though usually they plant shadows next to the concept. Oh well!)

    Guess we’ll be seeing Newtron next, or something that looked an awful lot LIKE Newtron in a leak I stumbled across a few days ago. (Which was awesome, by the way!)

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