MANY UK Retailers Listing Crazy Cheap Prices For ASR Wii & DS

MANY UK Retailers Listing Crazy Cheap Prices For ASR Wii & DS

UPDATE: It turns out MANY UK retailers are listing both the Wii and DS versions at very cheap prices, we can now assume this isnt a pricing error. We’ve edited the original story below to reflect this update. /UPDATE END

Many UK retailer sites are listing very crazy cheap prices for the DS and non-wheel bundle Wii version of Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing. As of the time of this article’s publication retailers are listing both versions anywhere between £17.73 and £17.99. This could be a pricing error as the Wii version was originally listed at around £29.99 and DS at around £22.99 but its hard to believe all of these retailers would list the same error. As usual alot of the sites offer Free Delivery too to put the icing on this bargain cake. If you want the PC version cheap, HMV and Gameplay have got you covered at £12.99.

I for one have cancelled my £22.95 DS pre-order with Zavvi and re-ordered at the cheaper price, I’ll let you know if anything changes but if you want the game cheap now would be a good time to jump in and place an order.

Here is a list of all retailers selling the game at crazy prices –
Wii – £17.91
DS £17.91

Wii – £17.95
DS – £17.95

The Hut:
Wii – £17.73
DS – £17.73

Wii – £17.97
DS – £17.97

WH Smith:
Wii – £17.93
DS – £17.93

Chips World:
Wii – £17.99
DS – £17.99

DS – £17.73

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  1. Nice if you don’t have a choice, though personally I’ll wait for the superior versions to drop in price. Shouldn’t take too long I’d think.

  2. Okay, so where’s my PlayStation3 price drop?

    Well, can’t really complain. I’ve got it pre-ordered on and they’re doing it at a very reasonable rate for a brand new title upon launch (considering most major releases’ll set you back fifty quid here in En-ger-land).

    Can’t wait for next week… *taps foot excitedly*

  3. @ Glenn
    That is a good price. For another 26p you can get it from GAME, Gamestation or with the Ryo Hazuki DLC code pre-order customers get that gives you the option to use Ryo’s forklift truck as his main vehicle instead of his bike.

    If you’re not bothered about that though I’d stick with your cheaper Amazon pre-order.

  4. Hey Shadzter,

    Indeed. I was tempted, having recently played through the first SHENMUE with my flatmate, but I realised that A: Ryo Hazuki is already in the game anyway, B: the bike transforms into the forklift during an All-Star Move anyway and C: let’s be honest… 99% of the reason for getting this game is because it includes Sonic the Hedgehog!

    Thanks for the links all the same, but I think I’ll stick with my cheaper pre-order and wait to worry about downloadable content from the PlayStation Network when they start bringing out add-on tracks and totally new characters (that is, if they ever do)!

    Cheers mate!

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