Sonic Show: Top 5 Biggest Assholes

Sonic Show: Top 5 Biggest Assholes

There are a lot of assholes in Sonic games.  A lot.

Ben and I meet up again to rank our personal top 5 biggest assholes in Sonic games.  What ensues is a list featuring frustrating badniks, notoriously difficult levels, and seemingly unpassable objects.  Who will take the top spot?  Watch it all below, knuckleheads.  (Be sure to watch in high quality!)

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What are your top 5 biggest assholes in your Sonic experiences?  There are plenty more assholes to rant about!  Let us know and stay tuned for more cool shit from The Sonic Show.

Watch the Top 5 Biggest Assholes at The Sonic Show

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  1. I can’t think of a top 5, but you already hit my top two. I hate the preying mantise badnik with all my soul, and I, like so many others ended up losing all my lives at that stupid barrel. *Sigh* Good times…

  2. Arghhh, I really loathe that barrel. I actually got past it once, and never realized how I did it. Thank you Gamefaqs for being made. Well, Gamefaqs can’t really take the credit here, since I actually read how to get past the barrel in a guide, you know the kind they sold in book stores before Gamefaqs and the internet boom. I actually held onto that guide for a good 10 or so years, then I lost it when I moved. Poor guide I miss you well, especially since you helped me overcome those blasted barrels (where”s Donkey Kong when you need him).

    As for Slicer, I actually never really had any problem with him, in fact I find him kinda easy to defeat. All you have to do is position yourself at the the place where the blade won’t get you then quickly attack before the blades come spinning back. Once you defeat him the blade fall harmlessly off the screen.

    By the way, Shadow made the list but not Omachao?

  3. Yeah….unless you have the motor skills of pine cone, or are just flat out mentally-challenged, these problems aren’t really that difficult to overcome.

    New top 5 list plz.

  4. I’m sorry Stan, I guess my motor skills are the reason that “Shadow the Hedgehog” sucked donkey balls. I apologize. If I had just been a little more coordinated it wouldn’t have been a lame game with a Hedgehog riding a motorcycle and shooting an Uzi. My Bad.

  5. The one about Knuckles made me laugh the hardest, I didn’t even think of all the things he did to you in that game before watching this video. So when I saw him up there I was like whaaat? If anything he is more of an asshole now for falling asleep on his island and letting people take the damn master emerald time after time again. I mean, he is an even bigger dick because he goes on adventures and leaves the Master Emerald unnattended, if someone took it while the island was over a city…well fuck, there goes the city! THINK OF ALL THE INNOCENTS KNUCKLES COULD KILL.

    I think that makes him a bigger asshole than anything he could have possibly done in Sonic 3&K.

  6. I especially loved the bit near the end when the barrel makes him lose his cigarette. No other act could convey the amount of assholeishness required to slap a mans last smoke out of his hands. Perfectly in character for the barrel.

  7. @ TheHumbleFellow

    No. Shadow hasn’t been good since SA2 so I don’t think we should give him a break until he actually becomes good again. Or dies.

    Anyway pretty good top 5. The barrel deserves the number 1 spot indeed.

  8. ProjectZuel: What are you talking about? Sonic 06 made him cool again! That was the only good thing about that game.

  9. I loved this cartoon from a week or so ago-

    I would have put Sonic 2 special stages when you had Tails with you in there. Jump=bomb evasion. TAILS, WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU JUMP!? There goes our rings and Chaos Emerald.

    Big fishing stages in SA1…less…said…
    Sonic Labyrinth

    Funny stuff you guys do by the way.

  10. Heh, that was a great video, very funny. I can’t say as I have the problem with those badniks anymore, but when you first played, oh yes they were evil. And I had the same problem on those barrels on carnival night when I first got that, coudln’t figure it out for the life of me. The music on that zone is also god aweful, which didn’t help.

  11. @TheHumbleFellow
    Nahh Sonic 06 didnt him cool made him even worse i think he should of stay dead at the end of SA2 he is the main reason we have middle aged teenagers drawing Sonic And Shadow Making Out or having sex aka Sonadow *Throws Up At Thought Of It *and gay fan characters

  12. Completely agree bar I think Shadow should be replaced with the purple water from Chemical Plant Zone in Sonic 2… as a child that purple sea kept me up at night…

  13. My biggest assholes are:

    Shellcracker (wonky ass collision detection)
    Dusty Desert in 2006 as Silver (What the hell was the designers thinking?)
    Last Chase in Adventure 2 (Worst level in Adventure 2)
    End of the World in 2006 (Hardest stage in the game)
    Control screwups (Air Boost/Homing Attack in Unleashed; Bounce & Lightspeed Dash in Adventure 2 – fixed in 2006 but they still shouldn’t have been on the same damn button…)

    Runner ups:
    Shadow should have stayed dead after Adventure 2…
    Robotnikland/Eggmanland… Not to mention Robotnik himself…
    Knuckles is a total dick… Anyone watched Sonic Oddball Crackups? Try playing Kefka’s laugh when Knuckles pulls something on you in Sonic 3…

  14. Even if I don’t agree with the 5th asshole, I still liked it. Hehe, Shadow has been my favorite for a loooong time. But I have to say that he’s overrated and sometimes annoying, but I still like him. XD

  15. And another thing, where the hell is Sonic Labrynth (or however you spell it). That’s the biggest piss off ever!

  16. I was stuck on that STUPID barrel, for about 4 WHOLE MINUTES (yes! That’s my IQ for you!)! With a ten minute limit to complete the whole act, that really really SUCKS! Just thinking about it makes ME, who is normally quite a friendly person thankyou very much, really really upset. -_-‘
    And I gotta disagree with the Shadow thing, though. Okay, pretty much everything about his game was awful, but it’s sorta like the great, deep character SEGA never made sort of thing. I know that doesn’t make it any better, just my opinion.
    Elise. Elise should take his spot. I was pretty much ready to rip my ears off when she said ‘I would rather DIE than be your prisoner’.
    Save yourself you run-of-the-mill DOD.
    Phew… that’s enough fan-rage for a whole month methinks. -_-‘

  17. This was excellent. You guys easily have the best Sonic Show segment at the moment. Plus, you both seem really chill which is always nice to see. For all the sh** Brad gets, I’d say it was easily the most wrongly deserved in the community.

  18. I’m suprised Labyrinth zone in Sonic 1 didn’t make it, better yet when if fucking comes back in scrap brain zone

    Also, fuck knuckles. You’ve been an absolute dick for 10 zones, then you think a simple ‘sorry’ is going to fucking cut it!

  19. Don’t hate Shadow just because he has a retarded fanbase XD

    now that you just pointed it now…I never knew about Knuckles that way until…now XD
    Metropolis… oh boy…the stage that I wonder “WHEN IS IT GOING TO END?!” At least the music for it makes me happy to come across the stage…

    lol I was only like 5 years old when I came across that barrel XD It took me a while but a few months…and managed to figure out when Tails finally stood AWAY from me and kept jumping up and down. For some reason I begin thinking, “Tails is going up…down…up…down…up…down….” then that is how I managed to figure that out :/
    gee…I was only 5!!! D8

    Sandopolis…I loathe…

    and I never dared to collect the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic 1….I let Sonic Gems Collection to do the work for me XD

  20. “Don’t hate Shadow just because he has a retarded fanbase XD”

    That’s actually a very good reason to hate him.

    @sonicyoda: Thanks, dawg.

  21. Uhh, hi? The pit in Sonic 2? The one in Mystic Cave that Super Sonic can’t get out of? And you have to wait for ages until your rings run out till you die?

  22. @soul Gauge
    OH MY GOD. that annoys me to know end.
    Lets just wait around for my 120 rings to deplete >_>

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