SEGA & Tomy Deal Brings Sonic Figures To UK & Europe

SEGA & Tomy Deal Brings Sonic Figures To UK & Europe

Earlier this month TSS exclusively revealed the first scraps of information about Jazwares teaming up with Tomy to release their Sonic figures in the UK. Today TSS has the full details of the deal including the first wave of figures and prices.

The first thing to take note of is that Tomy have agreements with both Jazwares and SEGA to not only release existing Sonic figures but develop their own Sonic based merchandise. The deal comes in two parts; Tomy will have access to “a massive back catalogue of characters and stories from two decades of Sonic games, to create a range of new and innovative Sonic-branded toys and collectibles for fans and collectors, young and old.” from Spring 2011. Secondly,  from February 1st 2010 to December 31st 2010 Tomy will distribute Jazwares’ Sonic figures across the whole of Europe.

In the press release announcing the deals Robert Mann, CEO of Tomy Europe had this to say:

“These are two hugely exciting agreements for Tomy. Sonic the Hedgehog is one of the most iconic characters in the history of videogaming and has brand recognition reaching far beyond. Sonic players have been fanatical about collectibles and merchandise, and today’s generation are no exception. We’re looking forward to working with both Jazwares and SEGA to bring some really innovative and exciting products to market.”

While the business news is exciting Tomy have also released details about the first wave of Jazwares figures to look out for and their recommended retail price.

  • 6” Super Posers, highly detailed posable action figures with over 25 points of articulation (£9.99 RRP)
  • 7” Soft Figures, plush characters, ready to go wherever your adventure takes you (£6.99 RRP)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Book Pack, a collector’s edition 200th issue comic book featuring Sonic and rival Knuckles, complete with two exclusive 3¾” posable action figures (£16.99 RRP).

This only appears to be the start, so for once Sonic fans in Europe have a reason to be excited when new Sonic figures are revealed. Now if only we knew more about the ASR figures…

Should any of you more eagle eyed readers spot these figures in the wild why not drop us a line at and tell us about it?

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  1. singed – signed

    Basically, they’re gonna pull the dozen unsold Super Sonics off the Toys R Us shelves here, slap on a Tomy sticker and ship ’em. Then see how well they sell and hopefully start a unique line of their own 🙂

  2. I hope their original stuff is of higher quality than JazWares’. My Werehog’s leg broke off, and beyond their 5″ line, the figures frankly are not worth owning. Well, except for that big Metal Sonic figure. But even then, he’s a bit inaccurate, which is absurd considering there’s an official picture taken from Sonic Channel ON THE BOX.

    I’d love to finally see a proper Super Sonic figure released, preferably based on the Sonic Adventure design. Another cool idea would be game-specific toy lines, with accessories like the Bounce Bracelet and Flame Ring packaged with the SA2 Sonic and the Rhythm Badge packaged with the SA Tails. Chaos Emeralds would be another nice addition.

    There are numerous ways a toy company could handle the Sonic license better than JazWares or Toy Island. Let’s hope Tomy’s up for the task.

  3. amazin no one has said anythin about the staement saying ‘a massive back catalogue of characters and stories from two decades of Sonic games, to create a range of new and innovative Sonic-branded toys and collectibles for fans and collectors, young and old’ so might be getting some old characters, never know?

  4. I kinda feel bad for the UK. These figures are by no means very good. They’re neat to see from far away, but once you get close or actually attempt to make a pose with them, its quite disappointing.

    Good luck, and try not to waste your money.

  5. @ humble fellow

    Nope, there only super posers of Sonic, Shaoow, Super Sonic, Super Shadow and a clear completely blue Sonic. Unfortunately Super Sonic does not look like Super Sonic. It is just normal Sonic painted yellow. There have been rumors that a new Super Poser Knuckles will be released in the future.

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