ASR: 3rd JSRF Track? + 2nd Final Fortress Track?

ASR: 3rd JSRF Track? + 2nd Final Fortress Track?

SSMB Member Doctor Eggman has been researching all Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing media and his eagle eyes have may have uncovered another Jet Sed Radio Future track and another Final Fortress track too.

Doctor Eggman’s report from his SSMB post is below –

Could the sunset level be a third JSRF track? The unknown sunset level has the same red/white road blocks as the daytime Shibuya-Cho level. Take a look:

Could there be TWO Final Fortress tracks? Differing times of day has made it clear that there are more than 1 JSRF track, so how about differing weather conditions in the Final Fortress footage? Take a peek:

Dark and stormy weather in these clips:

And BLUE BLUE skies in this clip:

Credit again goes to Doctor Eggman at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Looks like Steve has more de-confirming to do!
    A day/night track would be an original idea 🙂

  2. It could either be that tracks have different weather conditions that are random/settable orr
    final fortress is two in one. Represents The stormy final fortress and the sunny egg fleet.
    I dunno.

    and lol at jix, anything to do with de-confirming he’s first on the scene

  3. I’m guessing that this “sunset” stage is Kogane-cho from the first Jet Set Radio game, technically making this the third track from that particular series, not just JSRF.

  4. Actually Hikage street & Kibogaoka hill are the JSRF versions of Kogane, so it it very well could still be JSRF. Even so, I’m sure they’ll be mash-ups of both JSR and JSRF, but will be referred to as JSRF tracks as JSRF Beat is in the game.

  5. Are you certain that they are really different tracks? Perhaps they are the same tracks with different weather conditions. Sonic R did it. Why not?

  6. ACTUALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i have a hunch on 2 ideas,
    1. the tracks have unlockables, such as track changing looks, OOOOR….

    2. this is a progression track, meaning, the more you progress, the more it changes, lap 1 and 2 are nice skies in final fortress, but on the final lap, metal sonic comes out in a storm to watch the race!

  7. @thewafflefactory

    That would be cool. Imagine metal sonic coming out and causing hell for the racers haha.

    Must be said though,
    I wish i had that Doctor Eggmans eyes.

  8. xD GENUS. Metal Sonic, your hard work has pid off.Wre racing on ur great piece of work.Itll be great to hear some classic Jet set Radio Music. Bt I was wondering,is sega planing on doing the stage transition thing or am I tricking myself. thewafflefactory knows wat Im talking about…

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