ASR: 3 Pieces of Alex Kidd Art & 2 Pieces of Track Concept Art

ASR: 3 Pieces of Alex Kidd Art & 2 Pieces of Track Concept Art

Some new Alex Kidd and track concept art has hit the net, 2 of the Alex Kidd pieces of artwork you may recognise from Official Nintendo Magazine UK’s preview and sticker sheet but now we have they’ve been released to the public online in hi-res.

The concept art is of the Dino Mountain track from the Billy Hatcher franchise while the other is a desert track from the Super Monkey Ball series you may remember seeing in the Bajo-Kazooie revelation trailer.

Check all the art out below –
(Click to enlarge)

Source: GoNintendo

Thanks to NinMicroSega over at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. *Hums the Miracle World theme music…. then remembers the spikes underwater in the final castle 🙁 *

  2. A vast improvement over the mediocre SST model. Now, if Gilius is included in this game, perhaps they could follow suit and make him look right. I mean, REALLY Sumo? THAT was the best you could do? He didn’t even resemble his Genesis counterpart. I’d love to see him (or Tyris) break out a Cockatrice, or perhaps the newer Abrax or Lynth.

  3. it has a lot of promise that’s for sure.
    i am exited for the tss review.
    come on sumo, needlemouse won’t be enough to bring sonic back it’s games like these who show the world that he is truly back!!

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