UK ASR Box Art Revealed Including PC & Amazon UK Selling Bentley Jones MP3’s

UK ASR Box Art Revealed Including PC & Amazon UK Selling Bentley Jones MP3’s

UPDATE: PC box art revealed.

Amazon’s UK site has revealed the final UK box art for Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing which looks to be matching the U.S. box art including the Xbox 360 version’s ‘With Banjo-Kazooie’ sub title. have also revealed the PC box art.

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Also worth noting on Amazon’s UK site is that they are now selling Bentley Jones new songs from his So Much More… album in MP3 format as an album and individually, those who prefer CD’s are out of luck. As far as I’m aware this is the first time a UK retailer is selling any of Bentley Jones songs so this is very good news for Bentley Jones and the fans. Hopefully we’ll see more UK retailers follow suit.

Source: Amazon UK

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  1. This looks great; it’ll certainly come in handy when it comes to writing a review on the ASR OST in a couple of months…

  2. Because Crash has never been a Sony character? He was only a temporary mascot because he was owned by Universal Studios, which is a sister company to Activizzard.

  3. @Jalan
    I agree it would be great on psp even if it was a port of the ds version with slightly better graphics.

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