Preview Bentley Jones EP on Amazon Now!

Preview Bentley Jones EP on Amazon Now!

Because we really can’t wait until January to get our next Bentley fix, it appears already has previews of the soon-to-be-released Bentley Jones EP “So Much More”…


Not only is the EP rammed full of other BJ stuff, such as “You Won’t 4Get ME” and “Swing Baby” from Promageddon (that Gaia Online thang), there’s not one, not two, but three remixes of “So Much More”. In total there will be a whopping NINE TRACKS to the EP, with a run time of over forty minutes.

We’ll definitely be getting so much more for our money in 2010! *shot*

Check out the previews at now (and the rather sexy Ballad version of SMM!)

Props to The DJ Dan Dyer for the heads up!

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  1. It’s actually pretty good for an EP, the last EP I heard just had 3 tracks xD

    Also we are talking about Bentley Jones so we know it’s going to be awesome 😉

  2. Oh my God, he’s actually going to release ‘You Won’t 4Get Me’.

    Holy crap yes. I remember listening to that track literally years ago and loving it (I still have a very badly recorded rip of it with the filters on it) and being extremely disappointed that it wasn’t on his debut album, and that it seemingly disappeared forever.

    And of course, the rest sounds wonderful. I’m totally buying this.


    Like I said SEGA get Dream Theaters Constant Motion and set it as the theme to one or more sonic game and then I’ll like you again.

  4. Edge: As much as you probably think pretentious progressive rock goes well with everything, unfortunately this is one game where John Petrucci’s widdly widdly really would not work. Besides. Knowing DT, the opening titles would then have to be 23 minutes long.

    Besides, you haven’t heard the guitar solo on “So Much More” anyway… ^____^

  5. I am going to buy the HELL out of this once it comes out…

    … So long as the MP3s aren’t infested with DRM!

  6. @T-Bird

    Actually the only Prog. bands I like are Rush and Dream Theater… I don’t even like rush that much anyways… and Dream Theater isn’t Progressive Rock. They are Progressive Metal(Sorry I have OCD and cant stand mistakes…)

    And only four Dream Theater songs have gone over 23 minutes(A Change of Seasons-23:11, Octavarium-24:00, In the Presence of Enemies-25:38 and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence- 42:02minutes) Constant Motion only lasts 6 minutes and 55 seconds.

    Of course, I said they should use it in a ‘sonic game’ this isn’t a sonic game.

    And I wouldn’t even want to listen to all of the song… The 50 second preview was enough to make me want to tear my ears off. and as much as I hate Crush 40, I would much rather have them do the theme. Bently Jones is my least favorite musician in the world. I hate his music more than all the crap these people listen to these days. The remix of His World-horrible, Seven Rings in Hand-Worst crap I’ve ever heard, I hate all his music aside from Dreams of an Absolution… and that song even sucked.

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