NEW @ The Sonic Show: Top 5 Winter Levels!

NEW @ The Sonic Show: Top 5 Winter Levels!


You ever watch The Sonic Show here at TSS?  You haven’t?  Start now.

I have returned to The Sonic Show, but I’m not reading e-mails anymore (so you can stop sending them, please).  This season, I’ll be trying many different things, but my friend Ben and I will be making “Top 5” lists.  (You may remember my new co-host from “How I Celebrated My Sonic 2sday.“)  Our first Top 5 list coincides with the holiday season, as we count down the best winter levels in Sonic games.  Which winter wonderland will take top honors?  Hit the jump to watch and find out!



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  1. The Megadrive/Genesis version of Ice Cap has far worse music than the PC one. That’s right- I said it. The same also goes for Launch Base and Carnival Night.

  2. They just can’t let the Werehog go, can they?

    Personal preferences aside though, I agree with this list.

  3. … the guy in the middle needs a shave and the dude on the right needs to ditch his grandfathers sweater.

    Now what are we talking about?

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  4. I did a similar feature at earlier this year when it snowed:

    Just saying 😉

    Also Jix, nice of you to come and insult TSS staff and then clear off. Very friendly. Plus, stop putting that message at the end of your comments. There’s a reason why signatures aren’t enabled on front-page comments; they take up too much room. That, and your message is fucking irritating. We all know SA2 was a decent game and that Brawl plays like shit online anyway.

  5. haha I agree =) ice cap from sonic 3 is truly the best winter stage ever.
    Just hope you guys didnt overlook the winter stage from advance 2! (forgot its name but its snowing and theres a city in the background etc etc).

    Also, i want eggnog D=

  6. Yo Brad and Ben, just a holla – cheers for the awesome video.

    Loved your entertainment style and professional presentation of your TOP TEN Sonic Winter Levels review.

    Keep up the good shit man. *thumbs up*

    Oh and Merry X-mas to you guys too! *throws to you guys a couple of beers*

  7. That list was pretty much spot-on. I was about to disagree with Sonic Adventure’s Ice Cap being second. Then I remembered Sonic 3’s Ice Cap. And I realized you were completely right.

    Shame I can’t ever make it to that level. Goddamn Hydrocity Zone. I’m such a n00b lol 😛

  8. doh so close indeed!

    Haha you guys should as well as having the top 5, had a reward for worst winter stage.
    A award of shame as it were XD

    white acrapolis comes to mind hehe

  9. Ice Cap from SA1 is one of my favorite levels of all, the snowboarding and the music are so awesome! Nice touch with the NiGHTs music in the intro.

  10. @ Brad : fair enough 🙂
    @ Ben : wouldn’t say that’s a beard…
    @ sonicyoda : Sorry, I went out of town.. and the message I leave at the end of my comments is just as long as that url you posted that no one will check.

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  11. Holaska and Ice Cap (On Sonic Adventure) Although Sonic Adventure was amazing, should have been switched, the snow borading was fun but that was it, the rest was EXTREMELY annoying. And besides the speeds you reach on that level are just amazing.

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