IGN UK Previews Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

IGN UK Previews Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing


Leave it to Steve Lycett (S0L) himself to tip us on a preview for his own game!

IGN UK today has posted a preview of the upcoming mascot kart-racing title.  They enter the preview rather pessimistically, stating that Sonic R and Sonic Drift were heading in the right direction, but all hope was lost with the Sonic Riders series.   However, they immediately turn the corner once they start playing the game and giving props where props are due:

Scratch under the surface, though, and there’s every reason to get excited. The SEGA cast is more than just window-dressing for a straight-up clone; they’re lovingly woven into Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing’s very fabric, with the company’s back catalogue treated with the kind of respect one wishes the more recent Sonic games had displayed.

IGN UK also tried to guess what’s coming down the pipe for the title in the form of unlockables, secrets, and downloadable content:

Our guesses – which ranged from a playable Opa-Opa and Fantasy Zone level to an Outrun themed stage – were met with wry grins and refusals to comment from the PR. They’re all lovingly worked in, their stages replete with familiar chimes that will set SEGA aficionado’s hearts aflutter. It’s first-class fan service throughout.

All in all, IGN says that ASR feels tight and responsive, thanks to Outrun 2‘s drifting engine.  It also feels like a more complete SEGA package than Sumo Digital’s last mascot-parade, SEGA Superstars Tennis.  I’m excited now (and this is coming from somebody who said “uuuggghhhh” when he saw the first trailer).

Read the full preview at IGN UK.

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  1. So he dredges up the tired ass question of whether Sonic needs a car or not, and turns right around and claims the likes of Sonic Drift was “showing potential”. Plus offhand obligatory jab at Sonic Riders, with nothing resembling an explanantion other than an expectation that -everybody- knows what he’s talking about and is in total agreement.

    Um, so, is it standard operating procedure at IGN to be paid to love the sound of your own voice or what? Just wondering.

  2. @ TailsFox88

    Not really. Isn’t the case that most publications for gaming, internet and magazines alike criticise Sonic? Face it he hasn’t been on the ball lately. Though IGN isn’t my fav reviewing site the fact that the give credit where credit is due to ASR means they’re hardly Sega flamers.

    Course anything could happen at review.

  3. A preview is fine, but leave the review to the gamers themselves… ya bastards.

    Haven’t heard anyone suggest Opa-Opa before, that sounds good to me.

    *Every time someone says Sonic Adventure 2 was good, all Sonic players worldwide are disconnected from their online Smash Bros Brawl game*

  4. I don’t pay attention to IGNorants reviewers anyway, especially when it comes to Sonic.
    I hope this game is better than Mariokart.

  5. Is it just me or am I sensing a pattern with IGN? When they preview a Sonic game they say,” Woahs!!! This game looks great!” and the nthey do the review and they say,” BLARGH this game is CARAP!!!”

  6. Well, it’s good that they actually did give credit due where credit was due, and it wasn’t total bias – which is good. But did they really need to keep jabbing at Sonic like that?

  7. To clarify, it’s not just the dissing of a recent Sonic game (Riders is a sloppy one, although I could argue much much worse about Sonic R and this is beside the point) along with the throwaway delivery of said dissing that’s suspect; the very beginning of paragraph 2 throws up a red flag. Lesson in journalism/common sense time!:

    If the question of “hurrr Sonic in a car?!?!” is not worth dwelling on to begin with, then what the hell was that one paragraph ago bub? What, you gotta prop that meme up one more time because everybody else did it, and you think it makes you look “witty” and/or “journalistic” or some lazy BS? Must be, since it’s apparently -so- obvious! I mean, dur IGN and ect. you may say, but wow. Coming up the next decade now, it’s a little amazing to me that this is still the best they can do, or at least hire.

    No, save your brain cells and instead read this funny observation about games “journalists” (relevant to IGN, it just so happens):

  8. I really prefer IGN reviews over Gametrailers. Gametrailers hasn’t ever said anything nice to anything except Mario Galaxy.

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