TSS’ Birthday Sweepstakes

TSS’ Birthday Sweepstakes

To celebrate our 9th birthday that’s coming up soon, we have a few prizes in store for you. At the moment, you can enter for our awesome Mario & Sonic Pre-order T-Shirt Competition, and today I’m announcing the TSS Birthday Sweepstakes. Basically, I’ve been trawling the Internets to find the most exquisite things to give away. I’ve not got a complete list of stuff to hand out yet, but the list includes

  • UniQlo Sonic Adventure ‘hands’ T-Shirt (Blue, very rare)
  • Matt Herms’ signed Archie Sonic the Hedgehog #195
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Car Sticker (rare 1990s, classic style)
  • Sonic X Book
  • Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog VHS
  • Sonic games (random, new and old)

And many more besides, including a prize from SEGA too. Ooooh. So, because it’s a veritable mish-mash of stuff, we’re going to give away one prize to one winner! Making many winners instead of just one! How can you have a chance to get your hands on one of these fabulous prizes?

Simply email your name, email address and mailing address to [contest now closed to new entries]. That’s it, but you MUST include those three details. Then, on Sunday, 6pm GMT listen in to The Sonic Hour, where myself and Roareye Black put all your names into a hat and pick out a winner for each prize. Click here to listen to SegaSonic Radio while TSH is on, and click here to sit in the IRC Chatroom while we’re on air and have some fun.

By the way; we have a few small/bunk prizes to give away too – just to make it more fun! Including this very nice pair of Sonic Heroes ‘branded’ pants, for ages 4-5. Will you win the awesome UniQlo T-Shirt? Will you win the SEGA prize? Or will you win a pair of grey homemade kid’s pants? The suspense! The fun!

Update: The contest is open to anyone (anywhere in the world, but it’ll help if you live near me! ;)) and it’s not required to listen to The Sonic Hour, we will email you after the show to let you know you’ve won something regardless. It’s just fun to hear the results played out live, is all.

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  1. Just sent the email 5 minutes ago. Can’t wait to see who wins. Good thing is that while I was in Japan I got myself one of those UniQlo Sonic Adventure “hands” shirts, so even if I don’t win it’ll be good to know I have such a rare shirt. I’ll tell ya, though, it does not look like Sonic at first glance, unless you’ve been staring at the Sonic Adventure cover before hand.

  2. I sent an email too! I guess if I win something it will be like an extra present for my birthday!
    P.S. My birthday is the same as TSS!

  3. Well, this is pretty EPIC, this right here. /e-mails/

    Happy birthda-

    the 22nd?!
    This is my sis’s birthday too! XD

    /waits for sunday/

  4. Just need to send name, mail and email? Wow, this is kinda like the lottery in a sense that it’s just gonna be luck not skill like a drawing competition or something.

    Oh and Happy B-day Sonic Stadium. Thanks for keeping me and everyone else up to date with all the Sonic goodness.

  5. Entry sent. Happy birthday, TSS! It’s became the website I check multiple times everyday for Sonic news 😀

  6. One question. So I don’t go wrong with this.
    Should the mail include:
    Where I live(My real adress)
    My E-Mail adress
    And my full name(Name and aftername)

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