Airport Security Blows, U.S. M&S Commerical Does Not

Airport Security Blows, U.S. M&S Commerical Does Not


One of the few ads on television that actually makes me crack a smile.  Bonus points to the commercial’s director for the ring loss noise.  Watch it, knuckleheads.

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  1. Do we even want to know where he was keeping those rings.

    I love this whole “old is new again” thing that is going on today. Due to this we are seeing a resurgence of great stuff, like cheesy commercials. Ahh, nostalgia.

  2. That was epic! Mario’s part in this was rather lame, while Sonic’s actually had my laughing out loud. Awesome commercial.

  3. This had me laughing like crazy. that Rings bit was the best. There is another one of these where Mario has a big Mushroom in his suit case and Mario’s Shoes get stuck in the thing. Its not as good because Mario’s Shoes aren’t as cool and recognizable as Sonic’s.

  4. That was pretty cool. Reminded me of the quirky Sonic Adventure japanese adverts. Nice to see a bit of humour in SEGA’s advertising campaign for once.

  5. I had exactly the same problem going to Vancouver. I noticed neither got asked what business they had in Canada though…looks like Canada now accept Itallians and Animals.

  6. @SuperStingray: They’re taking all their mates on a long journey from the Green Hill Zone, and they only have the Tornado. Of course the Sonic cast are gonna take a commercial flight!

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