Sonic Chronicles And Samba De Amigo £10 At Sainsburys

Sonic Chronicles And Samba De Amigo £10 At Sainsburys

Sonic Chronicles £10
If you never got round to picking up the Bioware developed DS RPG title Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood then now is a good time for your wallet. Supermarket chain Sainsburys are currently selling Sonic Chronicles for just £10, saving you a whopping £19.99.

Samba De Amigo £10

Fellow SEGA fans might also want to keep an eye out for another sweet offer in the bargain bins at Sainsburys, Samba De Amigo on Wii for just £10.

Sonic fans might also be interested in Sonic’s cameo in the game where he gets his groove thang on.

Got to love some good bargains!

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  1. yeah, I’ve been wanting to get Samba De Amigo just for the Sonic Cameo. I’ll wait till its six dollars on Amazon, then I’ll get it, just like I did with Super stars tennis (great game).

  2. I was all about Samba De Amigo at the arcade and at home on my Dreamcast… yet I have not picked this up.
    I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a price drop here in the states and pick it up with the maraca attachment 🙂
    Still lost on whether is plays the same or not.

  3. @ Jix Hedgehog

    Sorry to rain on your parade but the Wii game, Samba De Amigo is nothing like the excellant DC game. The controls are awful, which is a shot in the leg for a game of it’s genre.

    I havn’t actual played Sonic Chronicles so I might check that out.

  4. @Scartillery

    10 POUNDS (The pound key on my board dosn’t work) would come to around $12-$14 dollers over in the States, while the US Toys R Us price of $9 would prolly be around 5-7 POUNDS.

    Sorry, just thinking out loud

  5. I wouldn’t say the controls are that shot, but they are difficult to work with. I’m still hoping for some sort of Sonic type song to appear on the downloads.

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