Smooth Criminal + Ice Cap = ‘Bad’ Remix

Smooth Criminal + Ice Cap = ‘Bad’ Remix

And by ‘Bad’ we mean good (and Michael Jackson’s album of course). The link between Sonic 3 and Michael Jackson (R.I.P) has been documented many times in the community, so it’s always nice to see some fans make use of that and try to merge the two together. This recent remix, by Yuzoboy, mashes up MJ’s Smooth Criminal with Sonic 3’s Ice Cap Zone (Acts 1 and 2) together to make an awesome whole. Apparently Yuzoboy’s remix is a new take on an already-existing Smooth Criminal/Ice Cap mashup by MixerProductions too. Fantastic mixing here.

Note the video includes a sneaky bit of Sonic MegaMix as well. Very nice. And there’s more where that came from if you click here too. Thanks to Rio for the spot!


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  1. During SOS 09, I made Dread do an impression of Michael Jackson working on the music for Sonic 3… OW!

  2. That remix would be cool if one of the songs’ key was changed to match the other. Right now, they sound like two separate songs playing over each other.

  3. It’s pretty good, but personally, I like the Carnival Night/”Jam” remix.

    It sounds like it mixes well together in there.

    BTW; Whoever is playing Sonic during those remixes… has lousy skills… I could do beeter than that! Let those songs play, and I’ll make the hedgehog look good.

  4. I wish sega never let off MJ during the making of Sonic 3. But I can understand why (even though I believe none of that bs was true)

  5. I don’t know why Sega won’t admit Michael Jackson did do work for them, I mean all the evidence is there, and his death would’ve lured them into admitence.

  6. @Angel: Actually, I think some of that was intentional. Notice Sonic hitting some spikes right as he got struck by a “smooth criminal”….

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