Sonic Show Presents A Fan-Made Sonic Live Action Movie!

Sonic Show Presents A Fan-Made Sonic Live Action Movie!

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Even though Discoponies is on holiday at a secret location he still has time to post some fantastic things over at the Sonic Show. Today he’s posted something a little unique. Jim Sass, the guy who runs Sasso Studios has put together along with a cast of family and friends, a full-length Sonic fan-movie…

Obviously not working with a huge budget, Jim and his team created the film “Return to Little Planet” which starts with the premise of “what if Sonic were human?” and is what I would describe as a “semi-sequel” to some of the storlines from Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure, which sees Sonic and the gang search for the so-called Time Stones in a race against time to beat Dr. Robotnik and Shadow to control of these gems.

Now before you cast judgement, head over to The Sonic Show Site and watch it, where Jim has very kindly agreed to share his movie, or alternatively download the whole film (around 220Megabytes) and tell me that Tail’s moustache(?!) isn’t awesome…or that casting Albert Wesker to play Shadow wasn’t the best thing since Foxy Boxing…

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  1. *Reads Jim Sass and Return to Little Planet for the 5th time in 5 minutes* Ok.. we get it!

    The Running scenes look well done , and all it is is sped-up footage..
    Where did they get that glass diamond/ash tray, I’ve been looking everywhere for something like that

  2. Just finished… quite incredible. Needs a plot synopsis somewhere though, I got lost at a few points…

  3. Daaaaannngggg! That is a long ass intro. Followed by a long ass intro…. followed by a long ass intro… followed by a long ass inner monologue. That thing needs edits. Cool concept though.

  4. I do think some of guys forget the shear amount of time behind this thing. The effort and quality of direction and concept is outstanding for a fan sonic project. :3

  5. True, the intro assumed you know nothing of the series, and that’s unlikely for the target audience…

    also it seems like rings were invented during the movie, and yet the intro acts like they’re an old trick. Nitpicking, though.

  6. After watching this entire movie… It needs a lot of work put into it still. I dunno, but really didn’t like this movie. It was nothing special and gave me migraines after the “4th Level”. I got more enjoyment outta the Super Mario Bros. movie, at least that was something to laugh about. Also yeah, that Intro was really too long, hell, longer then the Star Wars prologue and that’s… NO GEWD!

  7. The story was pretty good. The time stones and time travel was a perfect idea for Shadow to see Maria again. But I didn’t really get why Amy needed Sonic to get them so for really. And Sally comes off as some type of hippie. Especially since she seems to be a cocaine addict. (Yes I know that was just sand.) The first scene with Tails kind of confused me because I thought he was Robotnik at first and was wondering why Knuckles was with him. All and all, it was pretty good and any Sonic fan should watch it. The story (with some tweaks) would be a nice plot for a new game. The ending could have been better though.

  8. Yes, I give them credit for their work. It was pretty cool, I thought! Also, Sally and Amy are extremely good-looking! The characters I thought were casted real well. Story was a little questionably iffy but overall enjoyed their work!

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