SEGA Wants iPhone Games, Taxman Ports Sonic CD!

SEGA Wants iPhone Games, Taxman Ports Sonic CD!


The Taxman, like Stealth, is very good at dropping bombs. I have watched Taxman for days as he held back this news from the Sonic community. Now that he has revealed it on Sonic Fan Games HQ, it’s time for everybody to know and shit a brick.

Taxman has been working hard the past few months to port Sonic CD to the iPhone using his famous “Retro-Engine Software Development Kit,” formerly known as the “Retro-Sonic Engine.” The engine is famously used in the Sonic Nexus and Retro-Sonic XG projects. The project uses none of the game’s original programming and is built from the ground up in Taxman’s “RSDK.” It only took him a few weeks to port Palmtree Panic and all of its time periods to the iPhone. Also, the game runs at a perfect frame rate.

Recently, Taxman sent an e-mail to SEGA Europe about his iPhone port. He has yet to receive return contact from them. On Monday, July 27th, SEGA of America’s blog asked the fans which classic SEGA game that they’d like to see ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch. With that announcement, Taxman decided to reveal to all of you his amazing project and he wants you to answer one question:

The question is, do YOU want it? Let SEGA know. This is more than just one of their crappy emulator ports, we’re talking iPhone exclusive enhancements and features (I’ve got some cool plans)

You heard the man!  Get to that blog post and tell them what you want!

Please, get SEGA to pick up this port of Sonic CD. It’s flawless. Given the history of SEGA’s iPhone ports, with the Streets of Rage one being exceptionally horrible, we need an amazing game like this one to hit our mobile devices.


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  1. If Sega were smart they would pay Taxman (he is indeed aptly named) handsomely just to make these ports and even new 2D Sonic games for us all, using this engine. It’s win win for them and definitely everyone else.

  2. Sega said this on twitter: Thx for all the messages about the Sonic CD vid. I have the link & your requests on my list. Will bring it up at our brainstorming meeting.

  3. PLEASE find a way to get games like this on the palm pre, it’s got an equal if not better processor under it’s hood and there’s currenty no big games in it’s arsenal so you’d like a god to the community when you bring something as great as this. If you’re interested the SDK just got released and they’ll be accepting applications asap (probably around august) or you could always make it a homebrew app haha.

  4. This is indeed a fine idea. So now I just need Sega’s contact details so I can help get this thing on the iphone (and Taxman some money in the process).

  5. Yes that is what we want! Better visuals better controls and nothing like the Sonic the Hedgehog port on the GBA.

  6. We’ve been making Sonic fan games and projects like this one for a decade now. Not once has a cease and desist been issued. SEGA’s cool with the fan community.

  7. Yeah it kinda sucks that the video is gone. I really wanted to see it! 🙁

    I’d like to see more Sonic games imported to the iPhone!

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