Sonic gets a mention in Penny-Arcade

Sonic gets a mention in Penny-Arcade


A lot of popular references to Sonic seem to focus on the new Sonic games these days, so it’s always a nice change to see reminiscing about the good old days; something I was delighted to spot when I visited the popular web comic Penny-Arcade today.

Today’s comic delves back into the past of one of their fictional protagonist’s history, in which he was a lowly SEGA fanboy amongst a school of SNES gamers. As well as what appears to be a reference to the horde of Sonic games that appeared on the Megadrive/Genesis (and that possibly Sonic was the only “memorable character” to feature in games on the console?), there’s also a quick quip about SEGA’s obsession with lock-on cartridges and software!

You can check out the new comic here, and hopefully later today there will be a news post which will discuss the subject of the comic in greater detail.

So, did you fight in the console wars, and what was the SEGA/Nintendo split in your playground?

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  1. Sadly I didn’t fight in the war, in fact by the time I found out about sonic it was already the middle/end of the gamecube aira.

  2. I really didn’t fight. In fact, I was quite popular because all my friends grew up on their older brother’s NES consoles, and inevitably bought a SNES. I was the only one to own a Genesis, so I was the go-to guy for non-kiddy games. Mario Paint, peh!

  3. I still fight the Dreamcast Vs. PS2 war, although the 7th Generation is more my battle now…

    However, it is still fun to discuss the Retro stuff with 6th Formers!

  4. I was all about Sega back in my day.. although my big bro and I were the only ones really into console games, it was pretty much 50 / 50 at school.
    Things swayed Nintendos way after the SNES was released, I remember calling a few of my classmates traitors after seeing them buy a SNES. There were more people owning SNES’s than Mega Drives, but Sega got a huge boost from the Daytona Arcade scene which many many classmates played.
    Things settled down when the Playstation/Saturn came out, often playing King of Fighters 97 with my friends in the senior years of school, often debating which version of KoF97 was better etc..
    They didn’t take a second look at the Dreamcast when it came out.. opting for the PS2.. and that was the end of that.

    Hard to believe its been more than 10 years

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