Apotos, Shamar Adventure Pack On Xbox – No EU/US PS3 DLC

Apotos, Shamar Adventure Pack On Xbox – No EU/US PS3 DLC

apotos shamar

Xbox 360 owners and Japanese PS3 users are in for a double whammy as you can now download the Apotos and Shamar Adventure Pack off of Xbox Live Marketplace and the Japanese Playstation Store. The pack weighs in at a massive 795 MB but still only costs 250 Microsoft Points and ¥300. The Xbox Live Marketplace describes the pack to contain five daytime stages and four nighttime stages with three brand new stages and six new missions.

I’ve downloaded the pack and here’s what’s been added:
Shamar consists of
Act 1-2: Get to the goal in time!
Act 3: Find the Chao!

Act 2: Head for the goal
Act 3: Head for the goal!

Apotos consists of
Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 2-2: Head for the goal!
Act 4: Head for the goal!

Act 1-2: Head for the goal!
Act 1-3 Head for the goal!

European and U.S. PS3 users will be getting an update to their Playstation Stores later today, if any Sonic Unleashed DLC gets added we’ll let you know.

European and U.S. PS3 Playstation Store’s have updated and there’s no Sonic Unleashed DLC to be found on either regions store this week.

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  1. wow, the graphics are a toast of alot better on the XbOX version than the wii version, huh? Any of these adventure packs coming to the wii version?

  2. sonictoast: Sadly no, the Wii doesn’t have downloadable content like that.

  3. @ sonictoast :
    i dont think so as good as no game has dlc on wii and dimps probably is already making sonic rush 3 (=

  4. head for the goal.WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. SOOOOOOOOOO much fun goin through really fast blowing things up. JUST A BUNCH OF AWESOME STUFF 🙂

  5. Not so great as previous packs in my opinion, the Shamar act 1-2 was a nightmare towards the end D=

  6. Oh, Sorry when I read that all i saw was “no game on the wii has DLC” and then the part about sonic rush 3.

    Its really hard to see text on a laptop.

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