Holoska Adventure Pack Now On EU PS Store

Holoska Adventure Pack Now On EU PS Store


European PS3 users have been very patient while they have been lagging behind with Sonic Unleashed downloadable content packs. For the past couple of weeks the European Playstation Store has been two packs behind Xbox 360 users and PS3 users from other regions but today you can now download the Holoska Adventure Pack. Unfortunately the Mazuri Adventure Pack is still to come but with no downloadable content released today on Xbox Live or the Playstation Store in other regions at least you EU PS3 users aren’t far behind now.

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  1. @ Eggman123

    For the day levels yes, for the night lvs not so much.
    but thats just my personal opinion.

  2. Good for the PS3 owners out there =]

    i wonder if SEGA will do Capcom move and release them all in a single pack like STreet Fighter 4 costumes for a reasonably lower price =/

  3. All this downloadable content is proof that Sega considers Sonic Unleashed a success.

    If I remember correctly, Sonic 06 only got one downloadable pack.

  4. Again, SUPER SONIC! If you & I are hopeful, HYPER SONIC! and if you’re very, very, very hopeful, GREEN HILL ZONE!

  5. @ Eggman

    Well I disliked the idea but liked a few of his levels but mostly I think the werehog was a dumb idea that some fans like … & how do you feel about the werehog ?

  6. this game will definetily sonic team best for a while and they know it. @ eggman I thought the werehog was pretty cool and allright but I hope like sa3 which is a dream but non the less they adapt that to knuckles. Also weird thing I just read and saw the other day. We all know archie gave sonic a bunch a powers well aparntly the werehog in a issue and looks the same as unleashed. The spark teeth, the white ruffles of fur, even the cleats. Not sure about the arm strechy thing.

  7. I for one enjoyed the Werehog parts a lot. I just wish that there were more Sonic sections.

  8. @ all the guys who answered me
    i think the werehog was made bad, if he would be only about plattforming he would be nearly perfect.
    oh well as soon i get some money on my ps3 is this mine!!
    oh and thanks to your opinions (=
    ah and havoc, i dream with you =D

  9. The Werehog was a nice idea. I ,like the Werehog, but would not mind if he didn’t ever return. I like the action figure and the “Night of the Werehog” movie. honestly, I did not enjoy the Werehog levels with traditional controls, but found them very enjoyable using the wii remote and nun-chuck. Something about beating those chameleon things was so fulfilling when physically swinging at them.

    However, the Sonic levels were rediculously hard with the wii mote and nunchuck. Too many actions were assigned to swinging the thing resultiing in a lot of turbo boosting off the cliff. Anyone else have that problem?


    You guys do realize that with unleashed’s speed the stage would only take about 30 seconds to beat right?

  11. @edge they would just make a longer level then the real green hill zone but the camera would have to be good. Hey congradulation you found all the emblems in sa2 now let’s see if you can through this freakin crap of a remake level. WORST REWARD EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @Humble Fellow
    “All this downloadable content is proof that Sega considers Sonic Unleashed a success.
    If I remember correctly, Sonic 06 only got one downloadable pack.”

    Actually all three hedgehogs (Sonic, Shadow and Silver) got one DLC each. In Japan they got two each and Tails got a DLC as well. So in Japan the total was 5 DLC and everywhere else 3 (I’m just basing this off of the US PSN network vs the Japan PSN, so I’m not sure if the XBox Marketplace is the same).

  13. @Edwin: It’s pretty good, but you can’t do a midair dash without hitting the boost, which is mildly annoying at times.

    @MilesDX: Didn’t know that. And Tails totally deserves his own levels!

  14. @ Milesd DX
    I heard the US PSN didn’t get all the Sonic ’06 DLC. Japan and EU for both Xbox Live Marketplace and PSN got
    – Very Hard mode packs for all 3 hedgehogs
    – Boss Attack mode packs for all 3 hedgehogs
    – Team Attack Amigo pack containing stages for Tails, Blaze and Omega(this is the pack your referring to as Tails DLC).

  15. @Shadzter

    That’s probably it. All I know is that when I looked on the Japan PSN I saw two DLC’s available for Sonic, Shadow and Silver (each with a picture of them next to each DLC), and one for Tails (with a picture of Tails next to this one). Since I can’t read Japanese I assume you’re right (I forgot to look at the EU PSN).

    Thanks for clearing that up.

  16. @ MilesDX
    No probs.
    Yeah thats right, each hedgehog got 2 packs(Very Hard and Boss Attack) and the one with Tails pic is the Team Attack Amigo pack making 7 pieces of DLC total.

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