Who’s Won Our Hallowe’en Contest?

Who’s Won Our Hallowe’en Contest?

Sorry for taking so long to reveal the results of our latest competition, but I’ve been away for a week and hadn’t had time to run through all of our entries. Thanks so much for everyone that took part – I got a whopping 57 submissions for this contest, and if anything it’s proven that the whole lot of you are proper little thieves in the making. Almost all of the entries involved a Sonic character assaulting or otherwise managing to outright steal candy off of the poor residents of this world.

I’ve had a whole range of characters sent in from Sonic to Big to Metal Sonic and Charmy. Even Marine had an entry. As a fun fact, it will be settling for all of you to know that nine entries featured Shadow holding the homeowner at gunpoint. That’s not slightly worrying at all.

But I have five sets of prizes to give away – a Sonic Chronicles tin and stylus set, plus an additional goodie bag for the entry I found the greatest. So hit the jump to see the winners, and a list of people that took the time to enter…
Our first winning entry comes from Hogfather/Casanova, who provided an awesome account of Cream the Rabbit’s trick or treating by adapting Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven”. The whole thing is rather long, but Hogfather took the time to provide a video of him reciting his adapted poem – click here to listen to it. Well done Hogfather, a pair of Chronicles merchandise goes straight to you.

The second winner is BlitzChris, who wrote of Sonic and Silver teaming up to spook the hell out of Tails, with Sonic wearing a vampire getup and having Silver levitate fake bats… only to have Tails turn the tables on his Trick or Treaters by setting up a Tails Doll to work against the hedgehog duo. You can read BlitzChris’ story by clicking here.

Thirdly, we have an image entry from EYZ. This very nearly won the top prize, actually – it’s not so much based on what the trick or treaters are doing to get candy, but rather what is happening on the other side of the door. Tails and Cream knock on a long lost character’s door to find something rather horrifying themselves. So that’s what Mighty’s been doing since Chaotix…

Stanley Loskot bags the fourth Sonic Chronicles set, with a cute tale about Big the Cat’s Hallowe’en night. Donning a Froggy hat and knocking on Vanilla’s door, he gets scared when greeted by a witch and knocks himself out whilst crashing into some bushes. His friends were kind enough to leave him some sweets while he was unconscious, but not so kind enough by actually leaving him there. Read Stanley’s story by clicking here.

So the super-winning entry, which will bag the author both the Sonic Chronicles tin and stylus pack but also a Sega goodie bag, belongs to ‘TranslucentDuck’ with… Eggman… well, I’ll just quote the whole entry for you.

For a Trick or Treat, Eggman would dress up in a White Sailor Outfit and dye his moustache pure white to match – although it would have a devilishly sharp red racing stripe down either side. He would also be pulling a little child’s trailer, made to look like a Navy ship with a hidden sound system inside.
For a Treat:  When the unsuspecting person inside answered the door, Eggman would snap to attention with the perfect salute before reaching down to press ‘Play’ on the sound system. He would then perform a crazy sea-shanty jig as ‘Drunken Sailor’ was blasted from the speakers throughout the entire street. He would continue this until the occupier paid him to go away in sweets. The sweets would go inside his Sailor Hat. Upon receiving the sweets Eggman would perform the perfect curtsy, then dash off through their ornamental garden pond before vaulting the garden wall/fence/hedge and off into the night.
For a Trick:   If the person inside refused to give sweets or answer the door, Eggman would use his newest ‘Rowbot’ to hi-jack the TV signal going to the house and then remotely lock the TV so the channel could not be changed, the TV could not be turned off and the TV could not be moved. He would then loop his new DVD, ~ ‘Dr. Eggman sings Sea Songs – Including “In The Navy” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat – LIVE!!’  ~  constently for 2 weeks straight, to drive the occupier to the brink of their sanity. He would also leave subliminal ‘Sailor’ messages everywhere so they would be haunted forever.

Not only is this entry pure genius, it’s very scary indeed. Can you imagine Eggman in a sailor’s outfit doing a sea-shanty? It also wins for its very specific details, all the way down to where the sweets would be deposited to (they go in his Sailor Hat). I would love to see Eggman perform “Row Your Boat” but I’m afraid it would probably break my brain. Well done TranslucentDuck, you earn the respect of Arkham Asylum as well as your prizes.

Well done to all of our winners – honourable mentions (i.e. ‘close, but no cigar’) go to:

  • STULF the 20X6 Hedgehog for Hyper Sonic causing Eggman to have a seizure;
  • Nicolas the Crow from France with a sweet comic featuring Amy;
  • Bronwyn Fraser for a Knuckles ‘Dilemma’ that involves a silly conversation with the man at the door;
  • Silva Rymes for a Tikal and Chaos team-up which took a poor unsuspecting homeowner back to the past and scared the living daylights out of him;
  • Frédéric Wurm from France, for his art piece that had me in hysterics (what IS up with the broom?); and
  • Tasakeru for Yuji Naka’s trick or treat, which had the ex-Sonic Team head turn up in a cheap costume and apologising to the household for the quality of it, promising a much better costume next year. Before kicking them in the nuts and nicking all the candy.

And thanks to all of our other entrants: Ekajra, Mystikite68, Sonic1985, Connor, Danday352, SonicFanGuy, Dave Jones, Wildblue, datkross412, Rally the Cheetah, Jessy Senss, Jackskellinghog, Gareth Spriggs, Concorde Hedgehog, Game Boy, TravisD, Kenyatta Bennett, Veryweridgirly, Nathan Speed, Ashley R. Aparicio, Laura Boudreaux, Tariq, Samantha Pisner, Bryan Mardling, Ravi Singh, Todd Hakusho, Noah Walkdman, Jonathan Manwaring, Chris, Daniel Ochoa, Josh Preputnik, Josh Trow, Kadosho, Quy Hong, Angel C, Sonicfan#1, Scott Burns, Spencer Cotterell, Jon Dixon, KK, Chaos Walker, Marcus Stockley, Indigo Rush, Michael Sandberg, Craig and MK Skillz. (Phew).

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