New Rivals 2 Screens

New Rivals 2 Screens

Sega have released some new screens of Sonic Rivals 2 which include more of Rouge and some new in-stage gimmicks such as hamster wheels, hang gliders, air boards and some pumpkin gizmo that look’s like it works the same as those logs in the first game.

We can also see two bosses, a roulette boss where Eggman doesn’t look flat like he did in Rivals 1 and a huge robot bull that chases after you and your rival.

The graphics and presentation also look alot better in these new screenshots. Will all these new features and modes make for a better game experience? I think so, it’s little in-stage gimmicks that made the old school 2D games so successful so there may be some hope for this game.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more Rivals updates!

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