More new screenshots and four new Rivals 2 Videos

More new screenshots and four new Rivals 2 Videos

IGN have released four new gameplay videos of Sonic Rivals 2, one of them including a story scene between Tails and Espio. Ironic to the game’s name it look’s like characters will be coupled to WORK TOGETHER –

  • Sonic and Tails
  • Knuckles and Rouge
  • Shadow and Metal Sonic (Fan-fiction love story writers will be loving this -_-‘)
  • Silver and Espio (and this -_-‘)

It also look’s like we have adventure maps like the one in Sonic Advance 2 making a return.

There is alot of voicework in these video’s(Espio sounds terrible in my oppinion) and doesn’t seem to be written very well, for example at the start of the Knockout mode battle between Sonic and Knuckles Sonic says “Let’s race”.

Graphically the game look’s alot better than the first and gameplay wise it doesn’t look much different to the first, they seem to have slowed Tails down compared to previous trailers. Why do Sega want to slow Tails down lately? Knockout mode seem’s to work well and should be some fun.

The first card of the game’s card collection is revealed too, a bronze medal card.

UPDATE: IGN have also put up new screenshots including one of the change outfit menu, look’s like Sonic has a cheetah costume. A few more cards are revealed too such as a piece of Sonic’s art from Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Stay tuned to Sonic News for more updates on Sonic Rivals 2!

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