SatAM Boxset is Done (and Region Free)

SatAM Boxset is Done (and Region Free)

Lucky boon.

You read the title right. The Sonic the Hedgehog “SatAm” DVD Boxset is officially done. That’s the DVD’s producer, Brian Ward, holding the real thing in his lucky mitts.

Brian Ward was the main man responsible for making this boxset a community effort. The DVD is loaded with special features and has cover art made from people all across the Sonic fandom. Expect further articles on Sonic Stadium regarding this boxset leading up to it’s monumental release. It’s coming out March 27th, 2007 in the US. However, it is obtainable to everyone else via import. Be sure to pick up this great slice of Sonic history, and well put together piece of Sonic memoribillia!


It has recently been confirmed by Sonique of FUS, the largest Sonic SatAm site on the net, that this DVD boxset is in fact region free! So European/Australian SatAm fans, check your DVD players! If your player supports the NTSC standard, then you will be able to play them without a problem, as this is a rather standard feature in players these days. If not, you WILL be able to play them on your computer. So for those of you who’ve been holding off on getting the boxset due to region protection, you now have no excuse. Preorder it now! Yes, Amazon lists it as region 1 for legal reasons. Please ignore that.

This should also serve as good news for fans of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, as this means it’s a good chance that boxset will be region free as well.

Again, special thanks to Sonique for bringing us the valuable info. She received the boxset early as a gift from the DVD’s producer, Brian Ward, for helping to make the boxset as good as it is. If you wish to read her impressions, your welcome to come to FUS’s message boards via the link below.

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