Art contest for upcoming SatAm box set announced

Art contest for upcoming SatAm box set announced

You want to leave your mark on Sonic history, folks? Now’s your chance. Brian Ward from Shout! Factory has just announced a fan art contest for the Sonic the Hedgehog: The Complete Series DVD boxset.

This fan art must meet the following requirements:

  • Entries should represent SatAm Sonic. They can be any kind of art, having anything to do with SatAm, as long as it’s appropriate. Any kind of art is excepted and has a chance of being featured.
  • Should be scanned in 300 DPI.
  • Should be sent by November 4th (Brian apologizes for the delay, it took longer then expected for him to get the approval from Sega and DiC).

All entries should be submitted to . They will be judged by Shout! Factory’s own art director, Emily Johnson. The winning entries will contribute to the packaging of the DVD box set, and featured within the thinpaks of the discs themselves.

If you have any more questions regarding this contest, please take them up with Brian at FUS’s “Sonic the Hedgehog Box Set” thread on the site’s front page. He is called “ShoutInsider”. I will update this news post whenever new info on this contest is revealed.

CLARIFICATION: It seems there has been a misunderstanding from some of the people here. You are not designing a DVD COVER. You are just drawing art that could be used on the packaging or in the DVDs themselves. You are not designing DVD covers, here. Just do your best and submit it.

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