Sonic Mars Script obtained!

Sonic Mars Script obtained!

Fresh off the press, news has come about that Sonic CulT has won an auction for the script to the 32x predecessor to Sonic X-Treme, Sonic Mars!

The script was being auctioned on eBay, and sold in the end for a total of $510, after many bid-sniping attempts from other bidders trying to obtain the item.

The auction has only ended a few hours ago, so the script is not in the hands of Sonic CulT just yet. Various scans of the script on the auction page reveal that it is indeed legitimate, and that it contains a loads of information on Sonic Mars, including the plot, various concept sketches, level concepts, among other things.

The item is in the process of being paid for, and later shipped, via a group effort from Sonic CulT. We tip our hats off to you guys; you’ve obtained a great piece of Sonic history here! Here’s hoping that we learn many more things about X-treme/Mars’ development once the script is scanned and availiable for the public to see.

Sonic Mars is the 32x incarnation of Sonic X-Treme, who’s concept arised from the earliest stages of development, before the game was later moved to be developed for the Saturn, before it was eventually canned for good. You can learn more about Sonic X-Treme at Chris Senn’s Sonic Xtreme Compendium, where Senn has graciously shared details and materials regarding Sonic X-Treme, for the entire Sonic fan community to see.

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