Sonic Wrecks Awards Results

Sonic Wrecks Awards Results

The second Sonic Wrecks Awards has now ended, and the results have been revealed.

Websites who retained awards won last year include Sonic Vegemite, who held onto the ‘Best Humour Related Site’ and SEGA for ‘Most Original Concept’ in Sonic Wild Fire – the reason of its win being the majority of the fanbase’s feelings that the Wii title will truly be the next step in the Sonic franchise, in the face of the ‘same old’ from Sonic Next-Gen.

The Sonic Stadium featured heavily in the awards again this year, with Sonic News obtaining the ‘Most Essential Service’ gong a second year running and taking the baton of ‘Best Resource’ from it’s parent website. TSS maintained its award for ‘Best Overall Website’, and also won the humourous ‘Big Boot Award’, due to a lack of updates. The reason for the lack of updates has been reported to be a focus on a new website system for the website, including many new features. The new system is reported to be launched in August.

SEGA’s antics with Next-Gen have done no favours for themselves, with Silver the Hedgehog winning the ‘Biggest Disappointment’ Award, and the new hedgehog also obtaining the ‘Biggest OMFG Moment’ alongside the newly designed, slimmer Dr. Eggman.

For the full list of awards, head to Sonic Wrecks. You can listen to the audio ceremony HERE.

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