Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

Old-School T-Shirts Available in UK (Updated 22/8)

Ever since Hot Topic began selling specialised Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirts, British fans have been pining for some extra hedgehog love. Four new T-Shirts can be found in your local GameStation store sporting classic Sonic poses in retro-cool designs.

Avid fans can buy a brown ‘Circles’ Sonic Tee, which has the words “Since 1991” like a Levi Jeans ad. Or something. A blue ‘Hisashi’ shirt features Sonic doing his funky finger-wagging pose with red stars circling him, in what is ultimately the sexiest T-Shirt man has ever created. If you like your music, there’s also a black Sonic shirt that mimicks The Ramones’ circular insignia. A fourth, which was not available for Sonic News to harvest, has Sonic running running along some psychadelic wavy lines.

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We weren’t able to ascertain which company made these T-Shirts, but the same guys have previously been able to run riot with Nintendo franchised T-Shirts, featuring slogans such as ‘Clean Your Pipes’, ‘I Scored With the Princess’, and ‘Everybody Loves Mushrooms’. Needless to say, these T-Shirts are excellently designed and, like the Nintendo shirts, allows adults to show off their adoration for the blue blur without being labelled a Fisher Price, Sonic Heroes playing reject.

The Tees are priced at £9.99 each and are only available at GameStation at time of going to press. Check out the game store’s website and see where your local store lies.

Update (22 August 2006):

Scott Detavernier of California design company Top Heavy Clothing contacted us to say that Top Heavy were the designers of the shirts available at Gamestation. Their online store has a number of Sonic and Sonic X designs similar to the designs mentioned earlier in this story.

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