Sonic 2006: Amy A Possibility

Sonic 2006: Amy A Possibility

The Summer of Sonic website, a massive official fan-project led by The Sonic Stadium, has gained information that seems to confirm that Amy Rose is set to make an appearance in Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3 and XBOX 360.

In responding to a small set of Q&A questions exclusively for the Summer of Sonic website, arranged by SEGA Europe and TSS, producer Masahiro Kumono (also the new Head of Sonic Team since Yuji Naka’s departure) and director Shun Nakamura briefly stated their feelings for the Sonic franchise and where they see it heading after 15 years of popularity.

When asked what Sonic character was their favourite, Kumono-san stated that Amy was a preference, saying that “I like Amy, who appears as an amigo [friend/support] character in this title [Sonic 2006]. She has that same active personality, which build up the story as well as the game.

Whether Kumono-san was speaking hypothetically or actually referring to Amy being involved in Sonic 2006 is difficult to tell. The basis for most of the SONICTEAM member’s responses tended to be heavily towards the next generation project, with a heavy emphasis on Silver and their roles in the development of the game. “…in this title” is heavily believed to be confirmation that the pink admirer of Sonic is indeed making a support appearance.

The rest of the Q&A sessions reveal nothing much but zen-like wisdom and the excitement of a personal response from the Japanese developers themselves. The fact that the Japanese, European and American official sources are taking the Sonic community seriously on the back of the Summer of Sonic event is extraordinary.

Nakamura-san seemed most pleased with the event’s current turnout: “Sonic was able to celebrate his 15th anniversary with your continuing support. He will be running for 20 and 30 years. We really appreciate your support!“. This response of genuine interest and gratuity to the fanbase is a sentiment both Nakamura-san and Kumono-san share, and while short, the Q&A sessions remain a very interesting read.

We will contact SEGA early next morning to confirm this properly, Amy fans keep ’em crossed. In the meantime, check out the new Q&A sessions with the top guys at SONICTEAM by heading to the Summer of Sonic website.

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