After months of inactivity, SONIC NEWS returns to provide Sonic Team fans with the latest information on blue hedgehog related happenings.

The changes are more than cosmetic – now members of the SSMB Forums and TSS are able to interact with the site with the new TSS Account. The TSS Account is a new feature being spread across The Sonic Stadium Network, which allows members of the SSMB Forums to take advantage of unique features within all TSSNET minisites.

And the ability for other Sonic websites to use news on their site has not gone away either; like TSSZ before it, Sonic News provides webmasters with a Headlines List script or a News Ticker Script (as seen on this very website), so that YOUR site can have the Sonic info first too.

Underneath this new design lies a new bespoke news script engine, created entirely by our TSS coder, Ian Bennett. On top of this, you can discover more pages and features outside viewing news posts, by clicking the links at the top of the page. Users can surf through headlines (of which past Sonic News stories will be added in due time), search our pages for keywords, read up on the history on this website, and contact our staff should you have some news to report.

TSS Account features in Sonic News currently stands as being able to post user comments in news articles and features. More is planned for the account and will be announced in due course.

Originally its own website, Sonic News launched in 2001 and quickly gained popularity for its speed in covering Sonic events. In 2002 the website merged with The Sonic Stadium as part of new website SSNG, and subsequently as a sub-section of TSS. Since The Sonic Stadium’s infamous server crash in early 2004, Sonic News shifted to TSSZ, where it remained until most recently.

We hope you will enjoy the new service that we will bring to you, the Sonic Team fan. Be sure to check back every day for the latest news. If you have a hot tip to send to us, be sure to contact one of our Staff Reporters using the ‘CONTACT’ link in the header.

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