Hi folks, just a quick heads up that everyone’s favourite Sonic news source, SONIC NEWS, is back online right now! Everything you loved about SN during and before it’s move to TSSZ is still here, plus some wicked new features:

  • TSS Account: If you have an SSMB Account (which, if you’re posting here, means you obviously do), then you can log into SONIC NEWS too! Check the familiar blue navigation strip underneath the website links in the header. If you’re not logged in, you can log in on the spot. If you’re already logged into SSMB, you’re logged into SONIC NEWS too, and you can see your username in the blue strip! Unique features are planned for SONIC NEWS, so keep an eye out.
  • Comments System: SSMB/TSS Account members (when logged in) are able to post comments for any SONIC NEWS article. Visitors need to register and become a part of the SSMB in order to post comments – this saves any unnecessary spam.
  • Website Services: We have a Headlines List and a News Ticker for visitors to use – in either PHP or Javascript code format. Like TSSZ, we offer services for sites top use our news. We also have a new RSS feature for anyone who cares to want it.
  • Search Function: Search our archives, or surf through them in our aptly named ‘Archives’ section.

Be sure to email the staff with news and hot tips for our reporting use, you will be credited completely. Keep an eye on Sonic News as we catch up with the news, first. Then start getting busy.

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