Told ya there was more…

Told ya there was more…

You know, it feels so good to be able to find time to update my site once again. ^_^ This is the third update I’ve made in four days, and it feels great to be finally updating everything that has been submitted as far back as August ’04 (again, sorry for those who submitted stuff and had to wait so long! o_o).

At time of writing, today’s update is rather niche. I’m attempting to bring the Archie Sonic Comics section bang up to date, and that’s rather hard, not living in America and all. 😛 Rally the Cheetah’s being a superstar with her submissions, and today’s scans include front covers for the last few months, plus some Sonic Specials, AND covers for not only Issue 0, but an alternate Issues 1, 2 and 3. These aren’t the Issues 1, 2 and 3 you know from July ’93 onwards, these were Issues of Archie that began a few months before then. After some digging for more info and scans, we should have information on them.

Also, a few months ago Sonic CulT (which unfortunately has been under quite a few administration problems as far back as November/December) sent TSS some stuff to update with. Wicked odd little bits and bobs, like this SA2 Bugwriting Guide for game testers. I will be finally getting round to finding a home for them. Note that the Sonic Adventure 2 main Game page is different too – expect that look to be implented across the board when we go “interactive”.

Remember, keep an eye on that “Latest Updates” bit, as I may not announce updates I decide to add, say, later on tonight (assuming I get the urge to update later tonight). Have a good one.

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