As you may or may not have read, The Sonic Stadium is undergoing a vast metamorphosis. The end result – when we ever finish – is to provide a much bigger TSS website, that will be easier to update (which means updating will be more frequent) and also interactive, so that you will be able to submit things via the site itself. An integration with the SSMB will also see the account being renamed to the TSS Account, in order to imply Universality between all TSSNET sites. Which, funnily enough, is the plan.

As part of this renovation, a well-known favourite will be returning to TSS Space. Yep, the world’s favourite news resource, SONIC NEWS, will be returning very soon under a brand new mini-site, and will also incorporate the TSS Account. B’man and I have been working hard many nights to even get to this stage, and it would appear SN will be finished much quicker than normal – literally a matter of one or two weeks!

However, with the absence and departure of now-retired Founder, Sonic_Hedgehogs, we need a new team of SONIC NEWS reporters to help post the latest Sonic Team tidbits to the world.

Naturally, a position writing for SN isn’t paid or owt, but you will be working for what has become the biggest Sonic News resource for fans. The new SONIC NEWS will be getting a lot of attention, and you could be in the centre of all the action, posting news alongside B’man and Dreadknux.

Are you interested in becoming a news poster for SONIC NEWS?
If you are, the following is required:

  • You have to be VERY fluent in English and Grammar. People who type like Roarey Raccoon and myself are essential to get the news to people, in an easily understandable form.
  • You have to have an interest in collating and investigating news.
  • We don’t want people who make a post every two weeks or so. We want dedicated people for the job, who are all over the news and are quick to the mark LIKE A SHOT! The reason SONIC NEWS got so popular was because it was usually first with the latest information. You must strive to do the same.
  • Obviously, the theme of the news site is Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Team, so your main interests have to lie there (wonder what you’re doing in this forum if you’re not? :P)
  • It’s more than just how well you spell – it’s how well you can construct a news article. You’ve seen how all the professionals do it in newspapers and even online like Reuters. Information is written in a concise and simple manner, with short but sweet sentences full of the information that fans need to know as soon as possible. The objective of being a news reporter is to regurgitate news information as understandably and as short and fast as possible.

Sounds like your kinda bag? Excellent stuff. 🙂
If you want to become part of SONIC NEWS, PM Dreadknux with your AIM details and Email Address. I will get back to you if I’m interested, and will probably ask you to write a short article based on a recent Sonic/Sonic Team news event. This will be to prove your talents as a news reporter and writer. If you pass, you get the job.

As well as being a Reporter from day one, you will also be B’man’s testing bitch with Dreadknux, relaying information and helpful hints to make the site better and free from last-minute bugs. ^_^

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