SONIC NEWS: Coming Soon

SONIC NEWS: Coming Soon

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates in a month or so. Things are kinda slow on the Sonic front anyway, save for the NOM Yuji Naka Interview that everyone at GameSpot seemed to misinterpret (apparently NiGHTS 2 and Burning Rangers 2 was in development). The SSMB was the first place to check this out and completely debunk those rumours, as it appears Naka-san actually said nothing of the sort at all. Oh, you crazy kids. Head to the SSMB for more mature Sonic discussion and lovin’.

On another note, work on TSS “Interactive” (the codename I apparently seemed to have given the project) is well underway, but work’s stalled a bit to focus on more important things. Namely, the re-launch of SONIC NEWS, one of the best resources for the latest Sonic Team news. A team of reporters will now be on the case to bring you the latest of Sonic around the world, in the stead of pioneer Sonic_Hedgehogs. We’re working on the new SN mini-site, and should have a full relaunch within a week or so. I know, crazy innit. Of course, we will let you know closer to the time.

SEGASonic Radio has been getting a HUGE boost over the last few weeks, with our LiVECAST programming proving to be a big entertaining factor to the AM and FM stations. We’re happy to be making you happy. Next week SSR will have a big giveaway that will happen over all of our LiVECAST broadcast shows, from the new ‘Sonic XTRA’ to the popular weekender ‘The Sonic Hour’. Check the SSR site for all the details on what you’ll win, and how to enter during LiVE.

Finally, people seem to be getting rather agitated at the fact that SHADOWTEAM hasn’t seemed to be updating much. Well, we ARE working on something behind the scenes, but plan to make the site a little more user-friendly before actually revealing anything. Our main idiot strategy is revealing things that probably will never be at too early a stage anyway. So when we announce something finally, you KNOW it will be a project that’s going the distance. Respect to the SHADOWTEAM fans who are patiently waiting, we wub you all. ^_^ We understand that there must be more to life than Sonic Avalanche. 😉

Keep with TSS to stay posted on TSSNET happenings, TSS Interactive and Sonic News.

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