SEGA’s Tokyo Game Show 2002 Lineup Revealed – Sonic Advance 2 and Mega Collection Make Appearance

SEGA has officially announced its lineup of games to show off at the Tokyo Game Show taking place next week. And boy, it’s a lot of games. On the Sonic front, GBA sequel Sonic Advance 2 and Sonic Mega Collection will be on display, while there is the suggestion of a few new game announcements from Sonic Team.

According to IGN, in addition to the below list of games SEGA will be setting up a stage where developers Overworks and Sonic Team will be hosting presentations. The below list is also, apparently, not a full line-up – hinting that some unannounced games are also going to make their debut here.

Super Monkey Ball 2
Eternal Arcadia Legend
Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 & 2
Sonic Mega Collection
Grand Heat (Burnout) 

PlayStation 2
Get Bass Battle
Ferrari F355 Challenge
Power Smash 2 (Sega Sports Tennis)
Guru Guru Onsen
Sakura Taisen ~Atsui Chishio Ni~
New Roommania
Culdcept Second Expansion
Grand Heat (Burnout) 

Game Boy Advance
Sega Rally
Sonic Advance 2 

Sega GT 2002
House of the Dead 3
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Grand Heat (Burnout) 

PC, etc.
Crazy Taxi
Columns for Clie
Puyo Puyo for PocketPC 

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