SAGE 5 Opens Monday 16th September, Promises Huge Innovations

The next Sonic Amateur Games Expo – SAGE 5 – will kick off tomorrow at 9pm BST (UK Time), and organiser LuckettX has promised “one of the most innovative and entertaining online events yet”.

That’s right, it’s really that close! On Monday 16th September SAGE 5 will open its doors. Luckett says that original games will also be on show, alongside Sonic the Hedgehog fan games – as long as those original games were influenced by Sonic.

Full announcement by LuckettX (via Sonic HQ) below.

Its the Sonic Fangaming event of the year! S.A.G.E, the online Sonic Amateur Games Expo is an event which allows all Sonic fangamers from their communities to show off their hard work and creativity in an online ‘expo’ or sorts.

This year, original games are also featured, as long as they were influenced by Sonic games. Visit for more info and updates. Its the future site of SAGE, so bookmark it!

S.A.G.E commences at some stage on Monday 16th September. Only a weekend away! This year, I have been put in command of the event, and I have pulled out all the stops to make it one of the most innovative and entertaining online events yet.

This year has seen the introduction of S.A.G.E mascot characters. As to their actual purpose for S.A.G.E, you’ll have to visit on the 16th find out!

In previous years there have been many online chats, SAGEcasts (online radio shows from SAGE visitors and staff) and of course, many game demos to download. In my opinion, a few of the current best fangames actually eclipse Sonic Advance in playability and graphics. They truly are amazing!

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