Fan-Created SatAM Season 3 Comic Launches Third Issue

A group of Sonic fans have started work on realising the long lost ‘third season’ of the SatAM cartoon series, by launching a comic called ‘Sea3on’. After a long hiatus after the release of Issue 2, the team behind the project has announced that its third issue is available for download.

Dubbed ‘Beware of the Aftermaths – Part 3’, this latest fan comic re-introduces an old foe and has the Freedom Fighters battling both Snively’s rebooted robot army and an unstable warp portal to which all manner of untold horrors may await.

You can download all issues of the comic via the Fans United for SatAM website here, or you can read each issue to date below.

Issue 1:

Issue 2:

Issue 3:

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