SEGA Japan’s New VTuber Sings Sonic Adventure 2 And You Cannot Escape

If you haven’t been paying attention to YouTube in the last couple of years, you might be interested to know that there’s been a bit of a trend – particularly in Japan – towards creating content using virtual hosts instead of real people. Even the Sonic social team has got on board recently with its TailsTube series.

Now, SEGA Japan has launched its own VTuber called Usaki Rin, and one of the first things the company got ‘her’ to do was to sing Sonic Adventure 2’s “Escape From The City”. Because, of course it did.

This cover of the iconic City Escape theme, which features a cool new arrangement by Jun Senoue, was actually posted a couple weeks ago on Usaki Rin’s standalone YouTube channel – and is itself a full version of a song originally performed back in February during a ‘SEGA New’ livestream.

But the Official Japanese SEGA Twitter account has only just got round to posting it, so we’ve heard it, and now we’re obliged to share it with you, ensuring that there is truly no escape from hearing the vocalised tones of our new Kawaii Overlord.

If watching animated big-chested ladies bopping to SEGA music is your thing, you can subscribe to the Usaki Rin channel by heading here.

Via Twitter (S/O Tracker_TD)

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