Vanilla Wins Latest Sonic Channel Fantasy Art Poll

The official Sonic Channel Japanese social account has completed its latest poll asking fans who they’d like to see in the next issue of its ongoing ‘Isekai Ohgiri’ fantasy art series – with Vanilla the Rabbit beating out her daughter Cream to feature in a new scenario with Vector the Crocodile.

According to the Sonic Channel social media post, Vector will be portrayed as some kind of ‘detective’ in the upcoming art piece, which will likely be completed and posted at the end of the month. The poll showed two emojis alongside the two character options, with Cream getting a ‘spy’ emoji and Vanilla a ‘painting fingernails’ icon. This may be a hint as to how the two characters would have been handled in the final piece.

It would have been nice to see Cream potentially run alongside Vector as a co-detective – like Batman and Robin – but Vanilla hasn’t been represented much in Sonic media outside of a side role in the Sonic Advance games and some TV and comic media. This may be just one reason why she won the poll by quite a substantial margin – 70.5% to Cream’s 29.5% result.

What are you hoping Vector and Vanilla’s partnership is going to look like? Let us know in the comments below.

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