BlueTube: Let’s Go to the City with…Sonic?

You might remember my handy guide to Sonic-izing your copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk and how it pointed you in the right direction for Sonic patterns and town tunes.  Now, “Secretchaos” has tipped me on something far greater than having Sonic on a shirt or as your town tune.  How about…as your neighbor?

Through hacking AC:CF, you can have Sonic as one of your neighbors that annoy you and give you gifts that you promptly sell.  It’s one of the tiger models with a face lift, but it’s about the closest you can get to interacting with Sonic.

I’m considering of hacking him into my game, but that means I’d lose Rolf, my tiger neighbor.  He’s so badass!  I don’t think that I’ve met someone who hates people more than Rolf (he’s up there with Roscoe the Horse).  So cynical, so funny.

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