BlueTube: Let’s Go to the City with…Sonic?

BlueTube: Let’s Go to the City with…Sonic?

You might remember my handy guide to Sonic-izing your copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk and how it pointed you in the right direction for Sonic patterns and town tunes.  Now, “Secretchaos” has tipped me on something far greater than having Sonic on a shirt or as your town tune.  How about…as your neighbor?

Through hacking AC:CF, you can have Sonic as one of your neighbors that annoy you and give you gifts that you promptly sell.  It’s one of the tiger models with a face lift, but it’s about the closest you can get to interacting with Sonic.

I’m considering of hacking him into my game, but that means I’d lose Rolf, my tiger neighbor.  He’s so badass!  I don’t think that I’ve met someone who hates people more than Rolf (he’s up there with Roscoe the Horse).  So cynical, so funny.

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  1. lol i thought about a making a chao outfit when i saw the blue pikmin hat.

    Anyway i made a sonic character by using blue spiky hair and a pro shirt,
    It looks quite good but more like saturn sonic than adventure sonic
    and the shirt still needs tweaking.

    Im going too make Amy and Tails next,
    anyone know if theirs a hair piece that looks like Amy’s aliceband?

    Pinky, Chief and Bones are my fave neighbors sadly they all moved away from my ACWW village and they haven’t appeared in my AC city village yet.

    I’m following your sonic-izing your village link now

  2. HOLAS: ™

    i don’t know to much about this game but watching the characthers it seems like it would be easier make a tails (or other less spikey beign) than a sonic xD

    the light blue one seems like a chao O_o

    p.d: my internet is failing…. BAD… so i can’t watch the video… only the preview pic….

  3. Finally, a reason to own Animal Crossing City Folk.. now if only we could play as animal characters

  4. Actually, you wouldn’t need to lose Rolf at all. The NPC edit program let’s you change your villagers into whatever, so say if you have some random pig you don’t like, you could change them into another lion, and then make with the texturing. I didn’t provide a link to my texture, since it’s simple enough to make, though if anyone wants it I’ll gladly put it on photobucket or something XD. You can probably make a pretty bad ass Scourge by modifying it slightly too, since there’s a space in the model I chose (Bud’s) to add shades =p.
    Yeah, Tails would probably be a hell of alot easier to make, since the cat body fits his ears and that pretty well, but I thought I’d do Sonic first, since the series is his namesake.

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