A Visual Treat For Your Ears

As you’ve probably noticed in the last day or so, I’ve been sneakily adding a few more bits to TSS. Preparing for the ‘big beef up’, if you will. Firstly, I’ve added another new skin to the deck – Two Foxy makes a return to the skin selector. Now all we need is ‘more Tails fans in here’, and we’ll be complete. The Sonic News section has been tweaked too – it looks like a proper archive for news now, instead of the generic blog type theme we had going on. I’ll be doing the same to the other relevant sections too, don’t worry.

Now for the great return of some content. Yesterday I brought back the ‘Screenshots’ section, which can technically be considered a brand new section considering in past years they’ve been compiled within the Game Archive. As a separate section, it will be easier to track images for your favourite games, and when you click on a Screenshot page you’ll notice that it still ties in with the Game Archive in its own little way, linking to information pages and media sections where available.

Today we can welcome back the Music Zone too, which is basically a more decorative way of presenting music downloads via the Media Portal. This section isn’t finished yet, clearly – I’m going to go through it in the next few days and slowly add information pages and tracklists to all the OSTs and game rips we have. At the same time, I’m re-uploading a large chunk of the Media Portal content we actually lost during the recent server wipe (links in the Music Zone lead to files in the Media Portal). Continue reading A Visual Treat For Your Ears

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